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Gender ruling: High Court recognises third category of sex


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High Court of Australia has deemed there be a third category for sex gender.

After a four-year legal battle, Norrie has won the right to be legally recognised as being of non-specific sex.

Norrie, who had been quietly confident of winning the case, says the historic verdict is a big win for the wider transgender community.

As insensitive as some of you may think, this is the first thing that came to my mind when I read it, no offense intended.



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I identify as human.

I don't give a rats ass what you identify a person with poor character is just that regardless of how they want to identify.

Everyone wants their privledge and their own rights

Yet NOBODY wants the responsibility

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I've had a little think about it and decided that I don't like the ruling. You aren't neutral, you are born with either male or female organs and just because you decide to remove or change one of them shouldn't mean you should get your own classification.

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I don't 'care', I think it's just a bit stupid to have a classification of 'non-specific sex' when you were biologically either born as a man or a woman. 20 years ago the courts would have laughed and dismissed this case.

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