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Rebuild coming ahead with MG firing.


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OK so I looked at the MG firing and when I had first heard the decision I didn't like it. The reason for this was I believed that a firing in this situation is a knee jerk reaction to fans not buying tickets.

Lets be real, a bad season can occur to any team and the past 2 years MG hasn't been able to add anything to the team because of cap restraints. Whats more, I think his hand was twisted in the firing of Alain Vigneault and hiring of Torts, the trading of Lu (because of his retarded twitter comments and Torts choosing not to play Lu in the Heritage Classic) and most importantly trading Schneids (Salary cap played a huge role in this trade).

Having said this, how is our situation MGs fault?

Well the team is clearly on the decline, and with the direction were heading (needing younger players in the system). MG has proven that he has the ability to compliment core players to a great extent (Higgins, Lappiere, Santorelli, etc.). If the question is "Is MG the guy that will help our core get to the finals" the answer is yes.

There is a catch though. The core is declining and it is ill equipped for our new coach's style of play and more importantly, the organization wants to go thru a youth movement and attain younger players (IMO euphemism for rebuild) MG has given out numerous NTC's which he said he wouldn't ask anyone to waive under any circumstance. The question here becomes "Is MG the guy who can bring in a new core with all the NTC's he's given out and his inability to make huge trades that can change the teams core? The answer is no

Looking at MGs patterns of management, he is good at building around a core, but he has never shown the ability to make a new core.

Now you may be asking yourself "Well why don't you think MG can make a new core? You haven't given him a chance to draft high yet" The answer is NTCs. If a re build is to happen, your top players typically have to be traded for 1st round draft picks and with NTC's given out to Edler, Kesler, and the Sedins, coupled with MG's "No asking players to waive" policy, a rebuild under MG would be a painstakingly longer process than it should take. I love irony don't you?

If the organizations new direction is to build from youth again (Which has been said time and time again) and the core is declining obviously there was only one correct move to make, fire MG.

I think this move by Aquaman says a few things on what he thinks of the organization.

1. Our window has closed. Why fire a man who does well with complimenting the core if you want to take strides with your current core and win the cup?

2. He wants a re-build. It's over, the window has closed and we have to start fresh. Youth movement + firing manager + hiring new coach = rebuild IMO

I guess thats it, 2014 signifies the start of a new era, Post MG - Luongo - Vigneault.

*Holds breath for McDavid*

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jensen, kassian, horvat, shinkaruk, lack, tanev, gaunce, cassels, fox...that's not a new core?

It's a new core, but not an over the top Kopitar, Doughty, Quick new core. If you want a cup you need these types of superstars and Tanev isn't exactly a number 1 defenseman, Kassian and Jensen are still unproven and don't exactly have that "Crosby esque" superstar aura around them.

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a retool is only an option when the core is strong and at their prime, sedins are not 1st liners anymore


Also, if the organization wanted a re-tool IMO they would have kept MG. He's a good run with the core - compliment the core GM

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Vancouver has to get rid of their small core. Look at the NHL now. All the teams that are succeeding (Blues, Ducks, Bruins, Sharks, Kings) are all huge teams that can hit and grind it out. They all have a few star players but they're built big and are set up for success when the grind comes in the playoffs. Until we start bringing in some big skilled guys that can hit, we will go nowhere.

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You can't rebuild when all of your most highly coveted assets have no trade clauses.

Which is why it'd be easier to re build with a new GM because a new GM would actually ask the people with NTCs to waive. something that MG will not do.

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Rebuild? Retool?

B#llsh&t euphemisms

People use words like these when they are trying to buy time without having to do anything.

The only word that really matters in situations like these is CHANGE

When you have big problems, big change is in order, and we have BIG problems.

Gillis was afraid to do what needed to be done, afraid it would cost him his job, and in the end NOT doing it is what got him fired.

I happen to know for a fact that Etem or Pallmieri, OTT's 1st, and ANH 2015 1st were on the table at the trade deadline.

Had Gillis done the deal he would still be here today.

Gillis' legacy as GM is simple: "The man who waited to long"

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