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(Trade) Oilers-Lightning


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Apparently Gagner will be put on waivers for purpose of buyout tomorrow?

Buying out a 24 year old who could be a good top 6 player for years? The Lightning are gonna go all in for Statsny or Vanek...

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Stevie Y continues to work his magic. IMO, he's one of the best GM's in the league.

And why didn't Edmonton get a dman? They've already got too many forwards. Get Gudas or something. The Oilers have been mismanaging assets for so long. It's quite comical actually.

Gagner is actually good. In 67 games last year, he got 37 points, in the West, in the hardest div in hockey. Imagine what he can do in the East.

STEAL for the Lightning IMO.

Edit: never mind.

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