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I don't want to have to take Luke to get Brayden, especially when our D-group is now full of physical guys but not enough guys who can move the puck. Also, at this stage of his career Luke is already a shadow of his former top prospect self and a 3rd pairing guy, as evidenced by his poor numbers (including CF% last season). Unless we can move him or Sbisa for another puck mover I wouldn't really want to get him since we'd have too many physical two-way guys, and it would cost too much to keep that 3rd pairing (with him and Sbisa we'd be paying $5.6 M for our 3rd pairing D-men).

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Do not want Luke Schenn, the guy is literally garbage on skates.

Brayden is a guy that I think will be an above average 2C, and we have some prospects that could also become that... So I wouldn't trade for him. We need to acquire a guy that has 1C potential. And I'm not talking potential to be a low end 1C... I'm taking about an ACTUAL 1C. Henrik Sedin from 2005-2013. When a team has this player, they don't trade him ever. And I'm talking about EVER... you can pile up all the Mathias's, Hansen's, Corrado's and 2nd round picks you want, you won't be acquiring this player unless you give your 3 best prospects, a few first rounders, your first born son, your second born son, and an autographed picture of Jesus Christ.

So that only leaves 1 method to acquire this player.


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