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[Mafia] West Coast- East Coast Rivalry (Game over- Mafia win)


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Death Row were out chillaxin' on the streets when they see a torso walk by them. But this was no regular torso, this was a torso wearing a blue shirt. A crip! Death row immediately trampled on Aladeen and suffocated him to death before he could even get home and make love to his sister, Dral!
Bad Boys were in Biggie's house snorting and puffing some of the best drugs money can buy, when they hear a crackle outside. It was a man fully clothed in black looking like he's out for succulent meat.
Like a falcon, they all swooped down and stabbed King Heffy to death.
Earlier in the night that same dark-clothed man went out and shot one who did him wrong. GFY broke into his house earlier in the day and stole $650 000 worth of merchandise. King Heffy was straight onto it and shot GFY in close-range to make the kill all the more satisfying.
Death Row knew they were getting weaker, and the Bad Boys knew this was their chance to finish them once and for all, here's Notorious B.I.G describing the event.
Your heartbeat soun' like Sasquatch feet
Thunderin', shakin' the concrete
Finish it, stop, when I foil the plot
Neighbors call the cops, said they heard mad shots

The rest was history.

The Bad Boys won...

1. Virtanen87(Bad Boy)
2. Horvat(Death Row)
3. Kryten(Death Row)
4. Dr.Strangelove(Unknown)
5. Mathew Barzal(Bad Boy)
6. Time Lord(Bad Boy)
7. Fox Mulder(Death Row)
8. John Locke(Bad Boy)
9. Aladeen(Unknown)
10. Mikeyboy(Bad Boy)
11. Ilduce39(Death Row)
12. King Heffy(Unknown)
13. Dazzle(Death Row)(Death Row)(Death Row)

14. Intoewsables(Bad Boy)

15. OurTimeToShine(Death Row)

16. g_bassi13(Death Row)

17. Vrienzy(Unknown)

18. Apples(Death Row)

19. Alchemy Time(Bad Boy)

20. otherwise(Death Row)

21. Buddhas Hand(Death Row)

22. Go Faulk Yourself.(Death Row)
23. VIC(Bad Boy)
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Bad Boy Entertainment:
Virtanen87- Diddy/Kingpin
Mikeyboy44- Notorious B.I.G/Strongman

The rest listed in the final nightfall are regular mafia.

Death Row Records:
Apples- Suge Knight/Sheriff
G_Bassi13- Tupac/Vig
Dazzle- MC Hammer/The Judge
Kryten- Bulletproof vest
King Heffy- Snoop Dogg/ Naive Sheriff who decides whether to stay loyal to Death Row or stay loyal to the crips. Role with Crips varies.

Third Party Roles:

Dr Strangelove- Crip leader/Can recruit one person- immune to investigation
King Heffy- Snoop Dogg/ SK abilities if decides to join with crips.
Vrienzy- Eazy E/SK

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Info on what the cult really was like:

Dr Strangelove could recruit only one member, decides Aladeen.
Aladeen was regular TP.

King Heffy could join Crips, decides to do so.
He can kill every round and has the same killing order as SK.
He also comes up TP upon investigation.

It was basically a 3-man SK team.

How the mafia won:

A few lucky mafia kills, not lynching Barzal first round, Aladeen drawing all the attention to himself, along with the vig killing TP after TP after TP.

Edit: Oh yeah, and Toews causing mass paranoia.

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