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(Value of) OEL and Kadri

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Honestly do fans watch players at all before putting up proposals for them?

The only thing I'd want from Toronto is their first round draft pick. Maybe Phaneuf if Toronto retained 50% of his salary.

Kadri, Kessel I wouldn't touch at all. Let them rot in Toronto.

OEL will not be let go from Arizona unless we severely overpay. Is there a reason Canucks fans desperately want another centre?

We have Bo, Gaunce, Cassels, McCann, in addition to Matthias, Vey, and Bonino. If anything we have more than enough centres in our system already.

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I wouldn't mind Kadri, but would definitely want Van Riemsdyk more, However I think Kadri has a better chance on being a 2C more than Bonino does.

OEL is my jam, I'd love him here and would trade futures for him in a heartbeat, mainly because he's the all-around puck moving offensive d-man that we need back their, he's only 23 and he's Swedish so him and Edler if they havent had played together yet they would be probably at some sort of Worlds tourny.

However as someone above has mentioned, that is quite the overpayment, I would include one of Virtanen or McCann + whatever to round it out.

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