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2016 NHL Lottery Simulator - Barely Miss the Playoffs? You could be rewarded a top-3 pick!

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This is similar to the NBA system, in which the dead-last team has won the draft lottery 3 times in the past 25 years.

No coincidence this system, after some changes to this past lottery, comes into effect for a draft year that's one of the strongest ever. Nobody cared when the top pick was The Nuge and Yak.

But the question is if a team like LA or Boston wins the lottery, is this system really an improvement?

If there's a thread already about this with the 2016 lottery similator, then yay.

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Personally I would love to see a mini tourney of teams that miss the playoffs play for the first overall pick with reverse home ice rules to the playoffs (ie:last place team always gets home ice). It would be fun to see a team earn the pick rather than tanking on purpose to "win" the pick. Tourney aside I have no problem seeing teams that fight to get the playoffs but just miss, rather than give up 2/3 into the season have a decent chance at the draft pick. The tanking that took place by teams like the Sabres, Coyotes, Leafs and Oilers this year was embarassing for the NHL.

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