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Auston Matthews sweeps!

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Hey draftists, (which I think I am becoming lol) who do you think will be in the sweeps for first overall next year?

For me I think the worst teams will be (in no real order)







The Canucks are not going to be 4th last in the league. The Canucks were tied 5th best regulation wins at 42 and had a total of 48 wins last year. Miller was leading the league in shutouts last year and you think that this coming year this Canucks team which is pretty much the same will go from 42 regulation wins down to 25? and from 48 wins down to around 30? No unless there is some major injuries this team is going to be in the high 30's to low 40's in wins overall. Which is going to put them at lowest the 8th overall. At worst they will get 8th overall I think its going to be more like 16-17.

omg no you are saying worst in the league potentially LOL god you are dumb.

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if ARZ drafts mathews. I will quit watching hockey lol. bad enough edmonton keeps winning it. If ARZ wins it. it shows the system is corrupt.

Like is just said, If the NHL was corrupt. EDM getting Mcdavid would be the last thing the league wants. Arizona is desperate for a franchise player to help market hockey. The next one McDavid would have fit that hole perfectly, they had the 2nd best chance to get him and they end up missing out on both generational players. If anything this draft just showed how not rigged the NHL is.

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