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3rd WestJet (false) bomb threat forces emergency landing


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Sorry, if there's already a thread on this, didn't see one. Please remove if I just missed it...


WestJet is reporting its Toronto to Saskatoon flight received a bomb threat late Tuesday evening.

Flight 323 landed safely at the Saskatoon airport, WestJet reported.

Saskatoon Police are on the scene investigating, and plan to provide an update shortly.

The 737-700 airline was carrying 113 passengers and five crew members.

Flight 323 is operated on a 737-700 aircraft.

There were 113 guests and five crew members - all have left the aircraft via stairs and are boarding buses.

The development comes after six passengers were injured during an emergency evacuation of a WestJet flight in Winnipeg on Monday night. The Boeing 737-700 was about an hour and a half into its flight from Edmonton to Toronto when it made its emergency landing due to a received threat. Passengers eventually arrived in Toronto on Tuesday afternoon.

More to come.

First flight: http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/canada/westjet-plane-lands-in-saskatoon-after-threat-147-passengers-and-6-crew-aboard-310321841.html

The second flight diverted: http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/local/WestJet-flight-diverted-to-Winnipeg-following-threat-310811441.html

St John's Int'l Airport was also shut down last week due to a bomb threat: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/newfoundland-labrador/st-john-s-international-airport-resumes-operations-after-bomb-threat-1.3128304

What the hell is going on?

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something I can´t understand why ISIS didn´t do a terrorist attack here yet.


1) we have a giant statue of Jesus Christ embedded in the top of a mountain in a city that has the world's biggest Carnival parade with naked woman and this country gives a 7 day "holiday" for basically party...

2) we give playboy magazines to 10 year old kids (boys) as "part of men´s education in order to keep things normal"

-ps. my mom gave my 1st Playboy when I was 8...

3) we have "off-season" Carnival

4) we have many holidays dedicated to Christian saints and a huge party called "Festa Junina" (June festival) celebrating many saints and it´s a huge festival across the country

5) we have Jews living peacefully with Muslims

6) we have many african religions living peacefully...

Now I´m afraid. or my country is a huge mess than even ISIS can´t deal with or they´re planning something very big...

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when I saw the 1st threat this week I was basically of the "this is just random odd instance" mindset.

But 3 of them now, all against WestJet

Either a disgruntled ex-WJ employee or an Air Canada shareholder.

Terrorists wouldn't give us the warning.

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