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I will always be a Canuck Fan! (Discussion)


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Well, we have made it across the months of July and August and with a new season just around the corner, I can't wait to see our team. To see Hank and Daniel, Bo and Dan, and the team.

I say good luck to those that have left, and wish a prosperous season to our new additions. We will travel the sky train, catch a ferry, drive 4 hours or sit in front of the tube and cheer our boys on.

My promise is I will root them on and hope for the best. I will suggest changes, or defend a player, but I will be here, this year, as I was last...........regardless!

I for one, am looking forward to watching our young players grow, with much interest. Hoping Jake shows his form, and Sven make Calgary regret their trade, and Bo takes the next step......

We will live the outcome, good or bad, but I will always be a fan of the Canucks and of hockey!

I can't wait to read your comments CDC, they shall be interesting and worth thought!

Let the season begin!

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I will too. A few years ago I made a thread because I was so excited and hopefully for the Canucks to win a third President's Trophy in a row. They would've been the first team for that to happen to. I was so drunk when I posted that, but the moderator liked it. That didn't happen. They didn't win the President's Trophy the third year. I am drunk again though, so maybe they will this year.

Go Canucks Go!

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