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  1. Kind of. They can pick a UFA and let him walk, or, pick an RFA and not give a qualifying offer.
  2. Not surprised he’s going to test the UFA market. I still wouldn’t be surprised at all to see him come back to the Canucks if the grass doesn’t look greener. Then again, never underestimate a GM’s ability to overpay during free agency. 4 Million a season may be too hard to pass up.
  3. You're right. That crossed a line. I'm sorry.
  4. My God... There is no pleasing some of you. Abbotsford has a professional hockey team! We can go and watch Canuck top prospects compete at one of the highest levels in the world! Who cares what their name is and who cares what colours they wear. They could have named them the Bruins for all I care. (Edited for grammatical errors)
  5. I'm sure every GM is involved in the majority of conversations involving "big names".
  6. Correct. That is why they would also need to retain salary. My main point is, that unless they are willing to let JB and the Canucks fleece them, than the Canucks need to take a pass.
  7. IF Arizona agrees to take on a bad contract, and IF Arizona agrees to retain significant salary, and IF Arizona isn't looking for an unreasonable return THEN Benning should consider making a trade for OEL. Not going to happen. Hard pass.
  8. Glad to have him back. He is a good coach, and has not lost the room. The reality is, next year isn't likely to be a very good season either. It won't be until contracts like Eriksson, Luongo, Roussel, Beagle, and even Holtby are off the books. Even then, the money needs to be spent wisely. Hopefully, they bring in a new President, or some other title, to relieve Jim of his contract negotiating duties.
  9. https://www.tsn.ca/vancouver-canucks-defenceman-alex-edler-intends-to-play-in-15th-nhl-season-1.1642873 Edler wants to play next year.
  10. Lol. Yeah, because nothing inspires confidence like a media session with Francesco Aquilini.
  11. My issue isn’t whether it is worthy of a penalty, it’s whether it is suspendible, and how the NHL could differentiate between takedowns. Yes, they could amend the rules to include the type of thing that Nurse did. That would make things a little more cut and dry. Ultimately, as long as fighting is tolerated in the game, these types of instances will be difficult to handle.
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