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Medical Conference Ends in Chaos After Mass Hallucinogenic Overdose


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United Kingdom — An alternative medicine conference in Germany ended in chaos earlier this week when dozens of delegates were hospitalized after taking a hallucinogenic LSD-like substance.

Ambulances arrived at the scene to find 29 people staggering round the venue suffering delusions, violent convulsions, and hallucinations. According to reports, others were curled up on the ground with severe cramps while talking gibberish.

Concerned paramedics called for extra support and more than 150 emergency workers gathered at the conference site to administer sedatives and take blood tests.

Tests showed that the delegates including doctors, homeopaths, and alternative medicine practitioners, had taken the banned drug 2C-E. Also known as Aquarust, the psychotropic substance was banned in Germany in 2014 and combines the euphoria of MDMA with the hallucinatory experiences of LSD.

Investigations are ongoing into how the healers, aged between 24 and 56, ended up ingesting the banned substance and whether they were victims of a sinister prank.

The German press quickly nicknamed the incident the collective trip of Handeloh” after the small town where the incident happened. Germany’s leading alternative medicine association rapidly distanced itself from the embarrassment.

“I dissociate myself quite strongly from what happened at Handeloh,” Heinz Kropmanns, president of the Association of German Naturopaths said.

He added, “If I find out one of our members has participated, he will be thrown out of the association.”

German news outlet NDR reported that a number of seminar attendees claimed the consumption of the drug was part of a group experiment that the healers had conducted on themselves.


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Ms Weiland believes that they had been “experimenting” after finding the ground littered with blood-stained needles, mattresses, cushions and blankets.



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