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[Report] Bobby Farnham suspended 4 games

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what is with the color guy? reeves connected with a punch while both were up swinging and tootoo goes down and reeves lets up. he could of got a lot more in. how was reeves being unsportsmanlike? my initial thought was reeves was respecting the fact that tootoo was done. who is that color guy? is he related to dennis potvin?


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6 hours ago, Wild Sean Monahan said:

And presumably those games were weighted with more importance, being playoff games. 

Rome got the equivalent of like 12 games for a clean legal hit. This one was not even a part of the play. Honestly those are the hits that go beyond dops discipline and are borderline if not across the line assault. Should have been 10-15 games imo. 

I hate that they are trying to eliminate big hits from the game i was a big Stevens fan back in the day. And most of his hits now would be suspendable.

But some things shouldn't be tolerated on the ice.  

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14 hours ago, Tavrohorvat53 said:

Man American commentators are so dumb. They comment on sh*% they don't see and are complete homers for the home team. 


What your boy farnham takes a cheap shot at the opponents player, too too goes and  challenges reaves to fight and then when he gets a extra shot in its classless? Give me a break, you're player just went head hunting for fcks sake.



Longer version ^

Why does it have to be an American thing?  Potvin is Canadian and commented without having a clue what was happening.  How would you like it if i said "man canadians are so dumb.  they make baseless accusations about commentators all the time."  Stupid right?  think before you post, it has nothing to do with nationality.

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