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The Definitive Thread of Unequivocal Boredom

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Tre Mac

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20 minutes ago, Twilight Sparkle said:

i'm in that twilight zone of being hung over where you want to go back to bed but you can't get back to sleep, and then you have that cotton mouth thing T__T i think i'm still drunk

That's rough, a nice smoke should leave you dizzy and wanting to go back to sleep


12 minutes ago, ajhockey said:

Write a philosophical essay. That's what I do when I'm bored. That or just write out a rant based on some strong opinion I have.

Hmmmmm that might be too difficult, I can't even get your and you're right.  The last essay I wrote was on capital punishment for the Illustrious Kwatlen College Surrey Campus over 10 years ago.  I was in favor of the death penalty btw.


13 minutes ago, inane said:

Only boring people get bored.

In life yes,  at work I wholeheartedly disagree with the utmost of convictions.

9 minutes ago, ThrustyPrusty89 said:

I'm bored waiting in line at Starbucks on my lunch. Waiting for the Finland/Sweden game to resume so I can feverishly check twitter updates. Came here to commiserate. 

I just googled commiserate to fully understand what that word means.  Thank you for sympathizing with my boredom and good luck on the heated beverage consumption.

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11 minutes ago, ThrustyPrusty89 said:

Where do you live at that it was ~11:35am an hour ago? You must be very far west. 

It should be PST, I live in White Rock but work in Delta, both in BC.  Not sure on the forum time but I have just under 30min until I can leave. 

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