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Trouble in Coquitlam and Mission


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A woman was rescued by RCMP after being taken hostage during a shooting incident in Mission, B.C. on Tuesday afternoon.

The shooting happened at a residence in the 30000 block of Dewdney Trunk Road around 1 p.m. PT, said Mission RCMP Cst. James Mason. One person at the residence was hit, but suffered non-life threatening injuries.

However, a second person on scene was taken against their will in a vehicle.

A chase ensued, and RCMP stopped a suspect vehicle in Coquitlam near Oxford Street and David Avenue hours later. The woman taken during the shooting was uninjured. 

RCMP now have three suspects in custody and seized a number of firearms.

The person shot in Mission is in hospital, but his injuries are not life-threatening.

RCMP were unable to confirm a motive for the incident, or a connection between the suspects and the shooting and kidnapping victims, but an investigation is ongoing.



Pretty scary, being a Mission native myself, there's always weird stuff going on around there.

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36 minutes ago, Phil_314 said:

That's not how you spell "S-U-R-R-E-Y"... #bettersafethansurrey

Yeah there's weird people and behavior everywhere.  Even CDC's not exempt!  :o :frantic:

Seriously though, hope the victim has a speedy recovery.



So true.


Seriously though, take a look at which city's have topped the list for murders over the past few years? 

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3 hours ago, Alflives said:

There are bad prople all over, not just Mission.  Although those remote areas, where people can hide their activities, do tend to attract a "certain" element of society.  Where is "Judge Dread"?

Judge dread is actually on the HA payroll in Surrey, just like the Major and most of the City Council.


Mission is their staging ground / DC. Outta sight, outta mind and just close enough to be a shipping hub.

I wonder if Mission has an unusually large number of moving companies for it's population? I bet they do.

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