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Van-Pitt [proposal]

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With the Penguins straight up coming out and saying they will buy Fleury out if he's not traded and their obvious need for goaltending if they want to make another cup run I propose we trade. 


To Pitt - Miller 50% retained + Hansen

To Van - MAF +  Pouliot + 1st 


I know its a big ask but MAF fits our timeline and would be a good option to split starts with Markstrom until Demko is ready. MAF has negative value so they pay us to take him. In exchange they get Hansen on a sweet heart deal who will be a perfect fit for their team. Nux solidify their future D corps. Allowing JB to fully focus on building the fwd group. 


To Det- Edler

To Van- Nyquist + 3rd

Detroit is the best landing spot for Edler they have always had a soft spot for him and he them it seems they have been courting for years. Nyqvist has plateaued but is a very versatile middle 6 player who can add playmaking and goal scoring at any fwd position. 








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I don't think I do that first trade, I feel like Miller and Hansen can get more value elsewhere especially if you're retaining salary  and defence isn't our primary concern right now. 


That Detroit deal is probably close to fair value but just personally not a huge fan of Nyquist 

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IMO, Hansen alone could pull MAF (cap dump), D. Pouliot + 2nd.

Then Miller for their 1st. 





Miller (50% retained)









Then call up Subban and put him on the wing.


I'd rather keep Edler for superb defense depth heading into the playoffs (hopefully).


Then maybe give Grenier a chance as well since he has teared it up in the A.


And finally send Megna down.

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I think we could do better for Miller and/or Hansen than what has been proposed. On the flip side, I don't think Edler will fetch as big a return as he would have at one time in his career.


We are fairly stacked on defense prospects, need more scoring depth.

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