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Mafia: Spongebob Squarepants (sign up open)

milk and honey

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7 hours ago, Zfetch said:

I'm TP. I better not be the only two.

Hmmmm.... what does this mean? Trying to drop subtle hints to your mafia buddies Zfetch cause you're not in contact with them?


Zfetch for lackey IMO


Vote Zfetch

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1 minute ago, HashtagNucks said:

True that was me trying to pull attention away from the clear lackey

No I agree with what you said... it's just someone who is mafia would have more insight into that than a TP who would have been confused by Feltch's post (Like me).


Also my erections pics - Aladeen Remembers. 

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Just now, HashtagNucks said:

Your logic is flawed. 

But I can't argue with the pic incident 

I can admit that perhaps erectiongate has clouded my judgement in this particular instance but I still feel the feels I feel and they feel real. :(

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Just now, Go Faulk Yourself said:

the aladeen i knew didnt care if they got removed. infact he'd just post more as a protest

They are like my children. Would you have more children if you had yours ripped away from you? I am only a shell of the man I used to be after that... I don't believe I will ever fully recover psychologically. 

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