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[Mafia] Where and What Again? A Hobo’s Tale by One one two (Game Over; Mafia Win)

Master 112

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Last words: wtf is with that early nightfall? Terrible.


I was the TB you useless bunch of potatoes.


hang AV and Baer... TL too but just cause he sucks donkey balls and needs to get back to doing that ASAP


AV has been around a lot and not voting is pretty scummy. 


TL;DR: TL sucks donkey balls. Like gigantic, swollen and malformed donkey balls. Like I'm talking genetic mutations causing elephantiasis of the donkey's scrot leading them to be the size of blue ribbon winning pumpkins that need to be brought to the fair on a tractor, cause the farmer was using his super secret super growth formula that was given to him by his grandpappy back as a gift for when he became a man after they finished raising the barn cause they Amish and sh&t.

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