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[Signing] Panthers re-sign Michael Matheson

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Wow...is all I can say. Did Flordia learn nothing from Ekblad's contract?


Matheson is a very good young D who in a couple years time, may be worth his weight in gold with that contract...or he could flounder as many promising young players do, never live up to the hype/potential and this contract will be horrible.


No idea why they did this, he still has 2 years left on his ELC, my god, watch him play this year and then if you have to pony up a little bit more cash, then do so.

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22 minutes ago, Sean Monahan said:

Didn't he draft Cam Barker?

If he did, that was fine. Kid started out like he was going to be a Norris trophy winner, then dropped off a cliff. That wasn't so much bad drafting as bad coaching / training.

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12 hours ago, Captain Azzy said:

Tallon's not known for making mistakes...but first Jagr, now this? Bizarre.

I think we'll find that Matheson is one hell of a defenseman though.


If only Florida had left Tallon at the wheel throughout.


Everyone makes 'mistakes' / takes losses or risks that don't work out - he's just less shy about cutting his losses than most GMs.


I think people get carried away overestimating the impact of 'mistakes' though.


If we look at some of the things the Chicago Blackhawks have done in the past five years we could guffah for pages - but it's the bigger picture / overall performance that really matters.


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