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XBOX One NHL 15 Sim League


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Well after my year or 2 long cleanse (lol) of CDC I am coming back


I am toying with the idea of restarting another league on here which would consist of a XBOX One and a NHL 15 game (Not sure on exact start date)


It will be a sim league... me being the simmer. We will be simming 2 or 3 days a night to catch up with the current NHL schedule then move back to 1 sim day per day. We will follow the current NHL schedule year to year


Wanting to gauge interest at this point but most here will know who I am and my commitment and dedication to any one league I start or join

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3 hours ago, Nail said:

I'd be interested but I don't like the idea of 1 sim day per day...


Just a recipe for low activity IMO.



It has has never worked and never will work. If you want this league to die after a few days then sure. 


Ill join. 

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1 hour ago, *VaNcOuVeRCaNuCkS* said:

Anyone have any experience with simming a season in 15? Seems a little difficult to do what I want to do. Pretty sure in 15 I would have to do a GM career but wouldn't be able to edit players... And so on


Would 16,17 or 18 be better for this?



17 works well for an all user controlled league


I never bought 15 so can't say

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