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Mafia 2018: The year of the missing mafia

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7 minutes ago, Beluga Whale said:

Why do you think so?


I mean, from my perspective I see him as the ideal choice for a conversion: Everyone was town reading him and he doesn't draw that much attention. 

Looking through his more recent posts, there seems to be a marked shift in his tone and way of sharing thoughts.


He brought up the rat theory as if it was his own, but he didn't ever go so far as to push for any of us to be lynched.


And--I don't like using these types of arguments, but as I see it the Mafia lost all right to complain about it when Aladeen tried to get MR lynched for PMing--he was 'last active' 55 minutes ago but submitted a post 54 minutes ago when I checked before I voted for him. It could be that CDC is just broken, though.


Like you said, he was always a prime candidate to be converted.


I could be mistaken. Fear my non-commitment.

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5 hours ago, Stamkos said:


If BW’s list is something to go off of, 


We know of the judge, Vig and sherif. And 3 mafia members. 


If that means we have two left, then DM and DT are safe votes. 


I think that BW, BJ and Falcon are other others we should look at. 


I seem to remember BW saying something to do with “The two cult members.” I’ll look for it now, but it could be a pretty bad tmi slip


1 hour ago, Stamkos said:

DT and DM are both scum imo. Falcon is most likely cult

So everyone is suspicious?


Is Stamkos TMIing when he accuses BW of TMIing?


Also, does the first post I quoted here make any sense in the context of this post that was written a little earlier? (having trouble quoting it here):


"I’ve been thinking, and there’d have to be a rat in the initial pm. Baka was getting some attention for the wrong reasons, so he shouldn’t be much of a mafia target. The mafia would’ve had to know his role. 


Bw, Jazz, 112, Mh and myself are all the people who knew. 


Jazz wouldn’t have told us about Baka if he was mafia. He gets a town read. 


Milk didn’t say much in the pm, which is off for him. 


BW is probably my number 3 most likely to be the rat (behind myself and jazz). He’s been one of the few people I can say I’m 99% confident is TP. 


I’d say 112 is second most likely to be the rat, but I have a tp lean on her.


@milk and honey what’d zfetch say about mks if you stop the lynch. "


He says I'm the second most likely to be the rat, never says who's #1, and then goes ahead and completely excludes me from his list of potential wolves.




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1 hour ago, Beluga Whale said:

FWIW I don't think Stamkos and Falcon are ever likely scum teammates. 


@112 (and anyone else that wants to chime in), what do you make of AV's interactions with Doughty? And how does that weigh into your overall opinion of Doughty. 

It reflects well on Doughty; AV isn't particularly fond of bussing, is he?

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