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Proposal: Detroit/Vancouver

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To Detroit:

Jake Virtanen (6th overall 2014 NHL draft)

Jake could use a change of scenery, his stats are projecting upwards and Detroit could be his kind of place. 


To Vancouver:

Michael Rasmussen (9th overall 2017 NHL draft)

Big body local kid



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8 hours ago, hockeygod77 said:

no thanks..he has size and he can play tough in front of the net but you need better skill and more of an edge...id pass...

To be fair, JV doesn't consistently play with an edge either.  Detroit is already trying to mold him into a Tomas Holmstrom style player... something the Canucks really lack.  

JV is big, but he's more of a north-south player.  Having Horvat as the net front presence is kind of a waste of his offensive talents.

Centres are more valuable, especially one that is 6'6.  It would make the centre position more clogged, which is a good thing.  It makes Sutter more expendable.

If anything, they can try to convert him into a checking centre or something.  


So for a "do-over", if Detroit offered it up as a straight one for one trade, the Canucks should take it and run.  

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3 hours ago, hockeygod77 said:

not comparing jv with him...jv seems to like to cycle more...he has more of give and go style ..with rasmussen he like to drive the net with his size but i think is still slow..

Jake a cycle the puck player?  :wacko: 


His biggest weakness is that he does not control, or protect the puck in tight.  No cycle game to speak of...

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