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Chase Priskie for Kole Lind (Proposal)

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Well, I would love to put more depth to our RHD and would like to make a move with Carolina for Priskie, who was a coveted UFA NCAA defenseman last year


Priskie is 23, and playing in his first full season in the Pro's, and has 5 goals and 17 assists in 38 games, which I think is great for a first year defenseman


Kole Lind is 21, and playing in his 2nd full season with Utica, he has 10 goals and 23 assists in 40 games, which is great for a 2nd year forward in the AHL


Not sure if this is exactly even, or who adds if any...….





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I think the way Kole Lind has developed this past season, not only improving his offensive numbers, but has shown he can play multiple roles and succeed.  In scoring role or shutdown role/checking role.  As a winger and as a centre.  On the powerplay and PK.


I think I'd keep onto Kole Lind unless you get a D prospect that blows your socks off.

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56 minutes ago, Trebreh said:

It's a...priskie move :ph34r: 


I wonder if we could pry Joey Keane from NY though. 




Another interesting RHD prospect


1 hour ago, Ossi Vaananen said:

I like it. A forward for a D is always a win. Value is similar, though the edge might go to Lind. 

Thanks Ossi


I am not suggesting Priskie is the only candidate for this kind of move, but we should be definitely be looking at another RHD prospect


Trebreh suggest Joey Keane, and that could also be another target, but I think we need to find that #1/2/3 RHD, and I am not sure we have him yet.


Tryamkin, Rafferty, and Woo, is one of them that guy?


I think it is much easier to replace Kole Lind than say finding that elusive top RHD


and with Podkolzin, Hoglander, and Madden coming on line, I think Kole is replaceable....


I also don't think you get anything trying to trade garbage

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Main question would be... why? The Canucks are not in desperate need of rhd, and already have several likely prospects behind a decent nhl group. Carolina doesn't need Lind and have no reason to trade out D prospects of their own.


And before someone regurgitates the old speal that 'Carolina has a glut of D so they'd be looking to move one', Carolina has a glut of D because Carolina wants to have a glut of D. They are in a position of strength and could trade for someone much more valuable than Lind.

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But to give up a former 2nd rounder (who is still developing) for a college UFA they could have signed for free the year before?


Priskie chose to sign with the Hurricanes, so it's likely their system and team matches with is acumen more than with the Canucks.  

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