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Mafia! The Dark Tower: Game Over - Town Win!

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Just now, J-23 said:

The thing is investigation doesn’t say Town, just Not Mafia. Is that normal for sheriffs, surprisingly I have never had this role.

Possibly a 3P in the game is why he said Not Mafia?

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Just now, Virtanen87 said:


This is silly I’m trying to work with you, if my investigation on Z turns TP then you are the rightful sheriff. This is best for you and the TP. If I die you will be a suspect till the end.

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1 minute ago, Virtanen87 said:

This is a 17 player game, not lynching J23 can cause the tp to lose the game

Why can't there be multiple sheriffs? Or are you just not a sheriff at all?

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Vote Count


1. Master Radishes - Falcon (protect Virt)

2. Virtanen87 - J23 (protect Virt)

3. falcon45ca - Falcon

4. Alain Vigneault - Zfetch (protect Virt)

5. Aladeen - J23 (protect Virt)

6. luckylager - ? (protect Virt)

7. Kurisu - Falcon (protect Virt)

8. Blue Jay 22 - ? (protect Virt)

9. Otherwise - Aladeen

10. Naslund.is.king - ?

11. Sane33 - BJ

12. J-23 - J23 (protect Virt)

13. Qwags - J23 (protect Virt)

14. theJazz97 - Qwags

15. Carlutch98 - ?


Lynch Votes:


J23 (4)

Falcon (3)

Aladeen (1)

BJ (1)

Zfetch (1)

Qwags (1)


No Vote (4)


Protection Votes:


Virt (9)

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