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Mafia! The Dark Tower: Game Over - Town Win!

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1 minute ago, thejazz97 said:

not sure, tbh


he's new to mafia, did he slip up and backtrack? or did he just misunderstand his role because he's new?

That's what I'm wondering.


Seems like an awful case of misreading to not understand that you're town when you're given the watcher role

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Just now, naslund.is.king said:

Like i said earlier...didnt know the unwritten rules and at the time J-23 was constantly on my ass

Someone pointed out earlier why would i put zfletch on gif for the day ? 


Do you have a read for this round or are you just trying to make yourself look good?

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1 minute ago, thejazz97 said:

vote MR 


I'm gonna bet otherwise knows something we don't here.

Two rounds in a row you think she would leave a solitary vote on a teammate?

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Vote Count


1. Master Radishes - AV

2. Virtanen87 - AV

3. Alain Vigneault - Naslund

4. luckylager - BJ

5. Kurisu - BJ

6. Blue Jay 22 - AV

7. Otherwise - MR

8. Naslund.is.king - BJ

9. Sane33 - ?

10. J-23 - BJ

11. theJazz97 - MR

12. Carlutch98 - ?


Lynch Votes:


AV (3)

Naslund (1)

BJ (4)

MR (2)


No Vote (2)

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