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RGMG 6.0 - Season 16

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Well, it was a bumpier ride this year, but the Dallas Stars are back in the playoffs and at least finished the year strong.  Led by the same young core, but with a different compliment of veterans, they are still looking to make some noise.  The questions still being asked going into the playoffs:


-Can Nik and Nico carry on their performance in the playoffs?

-Does Pietrangelo have enough gas in the tank on the second pairing?

-Did Pugin have a down year by his standards because he was saving himself for another playoff run?

-Can Voracek still think the game fast enough to make up for his cement skates?

-Does Andreas want to show his bro Dimitris that he is still the star of the family?

-Does none of this matter because Jimmy is all-world, and it doesn't even matter what the rest of the team does?


Well find out over the next few days........

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Ok time for my salty missed playoffs post 



@NailNo body cares dude stop the count ^ 


... missed playoffs after another #3 pre season ranking... 


2. Nail next time you wana post a top 30 shove it elsewhere bro I don't Wana see it. Tired of being fed false hope :(


2. @EP40. Thanks for nuking my team with tag bertuzzi bro, very stealth move :lol:


3. Thanks for nothing to everyone. 


4. Thanks to my terrible line management as well. 



Jk no hard feelings obv thx nail for running a fun league and everyone else that helps out. 


Team has never been able to recover since the 1.48 BILLION $ toffoli scandal... 

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