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Green needs to stop punishing Pettersson on the third line... put him with Garland and Podkolzin and let them be creative... may save his job.

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To go off on a tangent here. I will draw a comparison to running a tree planting crew. Because I think the physical and mental process is similar the psychology is similar and the age group is similar, in many cases isolated crew dynamics are similar. 


You have a rookie star. You spend the season building their confidence teaching them. Hopefully they reach your baller's production by seasons end. 

Most of the time that kid comes back next year with a know it all attitude with this notion that they are now the cock of the walk. Which is incredibly annoying for your veterans and for you as their foreman. So you give them harder ground. You have now given them the tools it's up to them to use them. Bye bye Beagle, Tanev, Markstrom, Roussel. This goes 1 of 2 ways. 1 they taste humility grind it out and become better. 2 throw tantrums, sulk, and your veterans become fed up and refuse to work with them. 


I think Miller and others aren't impressed with EP's attitude and he's getting iced out until he changes it. There's no rift between BO and Miller that makes no sense. More realistically Miller is done padding Pete's stats. 

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