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  1. Big year for JB He Needs to cut ties with a few players. Make some trades .Add picks.
  2. Make that two seconds and Bobby Ryan for Eriksson and you got a deal.
  3. I hope for one that OJ turns out , If he doesn't that would be a defining moment in Canuck drafting History, MT was my pick at 5 and should have been JB's.
  4. Wow another gem from you , Edmonton adds their first .then maybe . Add Sutter and keep Ericksson
  5. No to Kadri. Kapenan yes Trading Woo no way could be a stud for us. Virtanen for Kapanen straight up .But I would offer sheet Kapanen and Trade Virtanen for Philip Myers out of Phili, Big Dman right handed ready to go
  6. Revamp, keep Edler, Hughes, Rafferty, add three free agents . Ristolienen, Myers, Gunnarsson are the players
  7. Send Markstrom and Hutton for their 13 th and take back Reimer
  8. Keep the 10th send them Markstrom and our 2020 first and 2021 second
  9. wo , Virtanen alone would get you Kapanen, JB would get and should be fired if he added Woo
  10. Wow you keep on posting bad trades. If your giving up a unprotected pick you better be getting something in return like a top 5 pick in this years draft
  11. Wow bad trade, Phaneuf is a bad D man not going to hell us at all.
  12. You need to quit making these bad trades think of it as if someone offered you spare parts for Bo Horvat
  13. Ducks say no Sutter is a aging vet as well Ducks are rebuilding or retooling not quit a tear down. Hutton can be replaced by a lot of upcoming free agents for less money so yah hard no.
  14. Compete level is fine he scores at will. Skating can improved Boeser 2.0
  15. I would think people would get the trade or deal would be for Edmonton's First 8th overall ,not including our 10th I repeat our tenth is not on the table
  16. What Cam Neely Ha, Ha, Ha...………..
  17. Spooner will be good in Utica, add Schaller and Eriksson too.
  18. The Butterfly effect. If JB had picked the best players at the time Virtanen …..Should have picked Ehlers/Nylander Boeser ….above pick would not changed draft order. still Boeser Juolevi..... above picks would have changed draft order likely a Deman, Sergachyov , Chychrun Petterson….. Above picks would changed draft order Foote or anther D man Hughes...… Above picks would have effected draft order. Veleno or Kaut So as you can see changing the order would have a big impact on the team Virtanen < Ehlers/Nylander Boeser = Boeser Juolevi < Serachyov/ Chychrun Pettersson > Foote Hughes > Veleno / Kaut Would we be better, maybe, and maybe not
  19. Juolevi could be reaching Bust territory if he doesn't show his stuff this year or next. Considering who we should have picked I would say that was a bad miss.