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  1. Edler 6 years 3 mil each year take it or leave it front load
  2. my thought is pay Edler 3.5 mil for 6 years front load it
  3. no the more you draft and have success with your picks the better you will be , lucky drafting teams win cups
  4. No too many small Dmen Big D with size wins in the playoffs. No to Stecher trade as soon as you can.
  5. After watching the playoffs I would say the best big defenseman available to many small D and you wont win the same as last year.
  6. Why would they do that Horton helps their cap space
  7. After watching the playoffs its clear size matters
  8. Jake ? no proof he will be a playoff performer , trade for an upgrade package Yes Please
  9. Trade Jake now when he still looks like he has upside.
  10. Ferland can still play but I would also acquire Lucic if Edmonton retains 2 mil and while your at it pick up Petrovic and McQuaid that way if you need toughness you got it
  11. I see Edmonton retain 2 mil and no more but I like where your going with this I don't think Holland will trade their First but a second he would. Lucic would put fear on Pettersson's wing and may surprise you.
  12. LOL Bo would get you a heck of a lot more than that. Hutton, Horvat, Markstrom for that package for Col's two firsts would get it done.
  13. Thats the worst idea I have ever heard. NO
  14. I agree JB needs to do a better job in getting more picks.
  15. Two teams that would trade their first picks are Edmonton and Buffalo , both teams need to make improvements to make the playoffs. Edmonton is in a window and needs to adjust cap. Lucic would not be a hardship for us .He will give us something that we need toughness . This will let Hughes and Pettersson play without looking over their shoulder all the time. Bad contract yes could we get their 8th pick as well yes without giving up any of our core, yes to all. A package of the following would get it done. Lucic Russel and the 8th overall for . Markstrom , Tanev, and Sutter retain on Sutter 2 mil.. That package alone would make them playoff bound. Basically cap is even but Edmonton gains players that they need to defend with. We get some much needed toughness and future core piece . Now Buffalo needs the same players but you would need to add I would say plus a prospect add Lockwood . So Markstrom , Tanev, and Sutter Lockwood and Vans 2nd pick plus a conditional pick 2020 ( 2nd or a 3rd) For Ristolainen and their first (5th overall). Defensively Buffalo is a mess this package would cure that . We add another core player. Plus a deman that needs a change in scenery .
  16. Big year for JB He Needs to cut ties with a few players. Make some trades .Add picks.
  17. Make that two seconds and Bobby Ryan for Eriksson and you got a deal.
  18. I hope for one that OJ turns out , If he doesn't that would be a defining moment in Canuck drafting History, MT was my pick at 5 and should have been JB's.
  19. Wow another gem from you , Edmonton adds their first .then maybe . Add Sutter and keep Ericksson