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  1. It’s so rare to draft a Calder finalist. Up until recently, we only had 3 in franchise history (Linden, Bure, and Ohlund). But somehow, we’ve now had 3 in a row - only the ‘69-71 Rangers had done that before, and that was far from a 30/31-team league. This is historic. We should build around this. Having 2 of those guys on the team in ‘94 worked well, maybe if we had a 3rd we would have won. Just because Boeser has been eclipsed by Petersson and Hughes, doesn’t mean he’s not a special player. And just because he’s had a few freak injuries doesn’t mean he won’t have a long and illustrious career. So far he’s been the best goalscorer we’ve had since Bure, and he’s just entering his prime.
  2. Boeser has a career goals-per-game ratio of 0.381. That puts him in the discussion with some fantastic goal-scorers, including: Nikita Kucherov - 0.429 Leon Draisaitl - 0.398 Jack Eichel - 0.387 Jamie Benn - 0.369 Max Pacioretty - 0.367 Mark Scheifele - 0.347 One common thing among those players is their production took a big jump in their age-23 season - every one of them. For Brock, that is next season...the best is likely yet to come.
  3. Pelech is right there with Pulock. Him getting injured was a huge hit to the Isles. And Toews is on a great trajectory.
  4. Pelech, Toews, Dobson, and Wilde likely making the jump next year. Supported by vets Leddy, Hickey, and Boychuk for 2 more seasons. They have a lot of depth. If any team could flirt with trading a young D like Pulock for a forward, it’s NYI.
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    He seemed better than he was in Washington because people didn’t yet realize how good his partners were (John Carlson & Nate Schmidt). Losing the anchor of Alzner turned Carlson into a Norris finalist (likely winner this year), and Schmidt is also a top pairing D-man.
  6. When the song takes off (at 3:08), it gets me every time.
  7. It might work short-term on some teams. Tampa, for instance. Don’t think Shattenkirk is playing for $1.75M and Maroon for $900K because those were the highest bids. But Vancouver hasn’t won a playoff series since 2011. And this calendar year Canucks were dropping like a stone in the standings (with Markstrom out, then Boeser). Toffoli didn’t actually experience much winning since he got here. Sure, we can project that the team will get better, but they have quite a ways before anyone will be able to confidently say that the team is or even will be “something special”. I’ll be more interested in seeing how many free agents take 1-year deals at discounts with Canadian teams, simply to keep their family out of the US while the pandemic continues to run wild there.
  8. That is a great point, actually. Cap recapture should really only apply to the amount of cap savings that actually put a team over the cap. That wouldn’t help the Canucks, but it still shows how ridiculous the rule is.
  9. I loved Willie Mitchell back in the day. But there were serious concerns over his health at the time. He missed half the season, and the entire 2010 playoffs. It’s tough to commit to a player who is in and out of the lineup. (FWIW, Mitchell also missed the 2013 playoffs with the Kings.) Not only that, but he seemed to be regressing a bit before the concussion as well. He simply wasn’t very effective in the 2009 playoffs. In 10 games played, he had only a single shot on net, and his defensive presence wasn’t enough to contain the speedy Blackhawks. So there were many signals that it was time to move on from him. Sure, in hindsight he had a few solid years left in him, and re-signing him would have been better than Ballard... But at the time it looked to be a significant upgrade in production and dependability. Even then, I’m not even sure Mitchell would have fit the Canucks’ new system that well. He fit perfectly in LA’s soul-crushing defensive gauntlet though. I’m happy that he had a great run there. But saying it was an obvious mistake to let him go at that time is revisionist history.
  10. That was sweet. My favourite Ballard moment was when Hordichuk went to the Oilers, and was trash talking in the media before his first game against us. Then on his very first shift, this happens: But overall, it’s pretty hard to like the Ballard deal. I chalk it up to a guy who just never fully recovered from injury. Kind of like that other $4+ mil guy we got from Florida - David Booth. It would have been interesting to see what else Gillis could have added with that cap space.
  11. So... the lady at the counter at Safeway has to work for her $15/hr, but these millionaires are concerned about having to play in a bubble in one of the most COVID-free cities on the continent? They’re all gonna play. They just want to make sure it’s done as well as it can be.
  12. On the one hand, part of me is saying he is irresponsible, and should just lay low for a while. However, he’s young, single, millionaire athlete, who is about to be enclosed in a bubble in downtown Edmonton for weeks. I can see why he might throw caution to the wind a couple of times before that. And I’m sure there are many young NHL-ers around the league doing the same or similar (at least Vancouver is less risky than most cities). One thing that concerns me about Jake is not that he does what he does, but that he continually gets caught red-handed.
  13. As far as I understand it, it’s just a deferral of actual cash, to help teams with cash flow. I don’t think it will affect the cap at all (but waiting for 100% confirmation).
  14. This is such a load of crap. First of all, there's no guarantee this team will ever win a cup. 31 teams, soon to be 32... it's ridiculously hard - much harder than all of the previous wins by Canadian teams. I mean, Montreal doesn't put an asterisk by the years they only had to beat 5 other teams - now THAT'S an outlier! But also, if they win one, there's just as much chance for them to win a 2nd one... possibly even more? The teams that were good enough to win in the last couple decades often won multiple times (Chicago, Pittsburgh, LA). Some would say that actually winning gave them the experience and confidence to do it again. Whereas nothing sucked the life out of a Vancouver team more than going all the way, and then NOT winning. So let’s take 1 year at a time, m’kay?
  15. The lottery determines who gets pick #1. The 7 teams that don't win it get picks #9-15, depending on where they were in the standings. If the Canucks lose the play in round and the lottery, they're likely going to be picking close to 15th. Unless there are a lot of upsets in the first round of higher-seeded teams,
  16. So, which play-in teams are going to "accidentally" not post their playing roster?
  17. We are considered a playoff team - just barely. So we won't be in the lottery. But even if we were, a 12.5% chance to win is still an 87.5% chance to lose. Given how last year went for San Jose, and for Ottawa the year before that, I'll be happy to at least close the book on handing NJ a potential lottery pick in 2021. Miller is worth so much more than a mid-round pick.
  18. Both Sutter and Russell are negative value at their salaries. But at least Russell stays generally healthy. Problem with Tanev is he'll likely want more than one year on an extension. That becomes a problem, with EP and QH extensions needed. Russell's one year deal fits better, and plugs the hole. It's not perfect/ideal, but it's realistic, and addresses the needs of both teams.
  19. A Confession - 8/10 Britbox miniseries based on the true story of Detective Stephen Fulcher. If you tend to believe the law is often a farce that bulldozes fairness and common sense in the name of procedure and red tape, this will certainly reinforce it. Some might find it slow, but I really enjoyed it, and found the story both heartbreaking and captivating.
  20. Not bad, in theory. With Bear doing so well, and Bouchard knocking on the door, Edmonton will probably want to move Russell. And 3C is their most glaring hole. For us, if Tanev doesn't accept a short-term deal, Russell could be a decent band-aid solution for one year. Sutter has a 15-team no-trade list though. Perhaps Edmonton won't be on it though, since his family has roots in the area.