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  1. Granted you crapped on the table 10x straight Amd rolled in it. What a weirdo. Why did you want that? I wish for truthful and honourable political leaders
  2. I’ll stick with The Young Turks. Trustworthy and honourable.
  3. Song about a father’s love for his child who doesn’t like a deep voice singing?
  4. I just came across these sisters on youtube. Listened to a bunch of songs, not a song I dislike.
  5. Granted oops, I think I just made your brain and emotional state permanently frozen at age 15. Your body is still aged (except for that nagging perma-boner 15yo get), you still have all the responsibilities of life and you still have to make a good impression at work (good luck with HR with that log in your pants!) i wish the stars were visible at night.
  6. Lol. Was fairy recent. Had some 3” rib eyes. Also done on natural gas bbq which doesn't burn as hot as propane.