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  1. Marchand (Again)

    Just saw that too. The guy is completely reckless. Got to wonder what goes through his head.
  2. [PGT] Washington Capitals vs. Vancouver Canucks

    anyone else getting these vibes?
  3. Best TV Dads

    Current show: Mike Baxter played by Tim Allen on Last Man Standing.
  4. Another Entry Draft System Idea

    Take the average of the last three seasons point totals and generate the draft order based on that. This means a team with one bad season (like Philly) won't draft high because the average is better than a high pick. It prevents tanking because one bad season will not get you first pick. It gives the best draft positions to the teams who have done the worst in the last three seasons, meaning these teams probably actually suck and need that help. No lottery, everything is easily calculated by the public so it prevents stupid conspiracy theories. Best way IMO
  5. Hardest to see go?

    Hard to choose! Burrows and Hansen is still a fresh wound. Kesler was a fav player and the only named jersey I own. Bieksa was a great character and I loved his grit on the ice. Hammer was a top notch defender and one of the best good quality all round guys the team has seen outside the Sedins. Salo, in my mind, the second best defensemen the team ever had (behind Ohlund). Ultimately, I voted Luo cause he was the greatest goalie we've ever had here and the drawn out saga made it terriblely hard to digest. Salo was a close second.
  6. Will Luca Sbisa one day be captain

    Spot the drunk early in the morning!
  7. {Discussion}What is Jake Virtanen

    Negative, he is a meat popsicle.
  8. It sounds like you're not picky, so I'd recommend to just go see what they can offer you for free with a new contract.
  9. Does it bother anyone else seeing "Sedin's" used as plural all the time?
  10. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    The best part of this necropost is that with the minuses back, we can all give him a minus again! Lol.
  11. Johnny Hockey own goal, Dorsett gets credit
  12. Music in 2017

    Anyone interested in Sothern Rock/Country should definitely check out this band. This album was just released last month.
  13. Hawaii advice asap!!

    Buy a bobble head, put it on your dashboard and wait for the leftists to come whining about cultural appropriation or some bs
  14. You know you're an old school Canuck fan when

    Haaaaaarrrroollllllld! Haaaaaarrrroollllllld!
  15. It matters because the bias BLM claims cops have against blacks isn't born in a vacuum. There are reasons besides racism that cops have a bias when a black man is involved and the stats support that bias. BLM seems to point their fingers everywhere besides their own communities and the societal complications within their own homes that are perpetuating this nonsense. It is nonsense to claim the problems are strictly due to racism.