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  1. Done with this team. Cya.
  2. Not gonna happen, after all, he was drafted by Benning himself, it's "his guy" and he's doing well so far. I'm a little scared though heading into the trade deadline, especially since it seems like he will ACTUALLY try to make the playoffs as long as the "possibility" (what possibility lol) is there. You literally have no idea what Benning is going to do, and when a trade occurs, you often find yourself feeling very confused and very disappointed. The fact that this move looks like one that could lead to at least another trade, really scares me.
  3. No matter how the trade pans out (obviously fearing and even expecting the worst), i will NEVER understand why Shinkaruk was given merely ONE game in the NHL since Shinkaruk IS one of the best goalscorers in the AHL, and we are currently the 3rd WORST team in Goals For in the entire league. It's absolutely mind boggling. It's true that Baertschi and Shinkaruk are 2 fairly similiar players, but it honestly shouldn't make Shinkaruk expandable since we actually have few prospects with legit top6 scoring potential like Shinkaruk has. Outside of Boeser, Shinkaruk was probably the only one. I also don't think that our top6 "is set" going forward, it's not like our top6 is stacked with overwhelmingly offensive talent. Sedins contracts will be up in 2 years, Hansen happens to have career year this year, Vrbata will most likely be gone in the off-season, and Baertschi is basically making his 1st strides as a pro player. Virtanen is cracking the 2nd line because he brings more of a physical presence to that line, not really because he has been offensively talented enough.
  4. You're not going to get a lot for a 25 year old AHL goaltender, even if they've had a great season overall, maybe a 3rd round pick, which is pretty much nothing. I'd rather see us trading either Lack or Miller, and give Markstrom a chance as a back-up. I wouldn't look too much into 1 bad performance either.
  5. So you would rather just do nothing? If Lack plays like he did this year, he will seek at least 4M next summer when his contract is up. We clearly got ourselves a problem here. Do you want 2 goalies at a combined salary of 10M, or do you want Lack to hit the FA market? And i never understood the folks who suggested that trading Markstrom would be the best thing, because that makes completely no sense. Benning will be making a huge mistake if he doesn't trade either Miller (preferably) or Lack. Especially if he truly wants to be competitive year after year. As Dilettante said, trading Miller for anything that doesn't involve a cap dump, would be huge, even though there might not be a lot of teams (if any) interested. We signed him to be a starting goaltender (personally, i always thought the contract/signing was stupid, even though i respected Miller) but clearly he didn't live up to the expectations that comes when you're making 6M per year. Lack is arguably our best goaltender right now, and he's only making 1,150M per year.
  6. Nice write-off of a guy who is known as one of the best 2-way forwards in the CHL. What a frackin' moron you're. The guy is 19. He's younger than both Jensen and Shinkaruk. They didn't make the team when they were 19 years old, and making the team as a center is even harder. And i will agree with Kulikov's prospect rankings over any professional ranking out there. It's not like most guys rank Horvat as our best prospect, while Jensen had a pretty crappy season last year, besides his strong finish with the Canucks, and Shinkaruk were out injured for the major part of the season. Please tell me, what makes Jensen our best prospect? Not saying he's bad, he's a good prospect, but i've seen you licking his balls all over CDC. Any particular reason why?
  7. It's one thing to give criticism. But stating he's a mediocre prospect is just pure stupidity, something that you said. I never said he's the best prospect out there. But he's a great prospect for sure, so you can't deny that. There's a reason why he was drafted high. Like this. Pretty one-sided criticism if you ask me. If i say Crosby is the worst center in the NHL it doesn't mean I'm right.
  8. Please define "many others". You will find plenty of plays from this year that defines Horvats skill. He's one of the best defensive forwards in the Juniors, and the guy is not just defense. He's also the best face-offer in the CHL. Facepalm @ the slow comment.. And he's not one of our best prospects, he is our best prospect. It's not homerism to think that Horvat is a great prospect. As i said, he's highly ranked across the league. Though you're certainly one of the typical bandwagon Canucks fans. In other words, you will be the 1st guy who will bash a prospect if he's struggling. Ofc you want Nichuskin over Horvat, since Nichuskin is playing in the NHL. But you know what? Nikolai Zherdev made the league pretty much right away. Where is he now? I'm sure you would take him over guys like Richards and Kesler. But yeah, I'll definitely listen to Mr Einstein himself on CDC, over scouts that can actually see skill. There's no reality in your post.
  9. LOL GTFO. Horvat is a top-rated prospect. This is not just what Canucks-fans think. There's no bias there. THN had him as the 12th best prospect outside the NHL. He had plenty of great players beneath him, such as Lazar, Vasilevsky, Pouliot and Nurse. Above him you will find guys like Kuznetsov, Strome and Drouin. Just because he's struggling in the memorial cup doesn't mean he's not a great prospect. Sam Bennett's team choked hard against a much lower ranked team, a team that they should've eliminated easily. The whole London team is struggling right now, not just Horvat.
  10. Yeah appreciate his tweets and updates, but i've seen similar things coming out from him. He argued about that Dumba kneeing-call in the WJC as well
  11. Hedman

    Ben Hutton | #27 | D

    Hated the Mallet pick from the start, and obviously still do. I also wanted Severson over Mallet. The Mallet pick was way off the board at the time, and now it just looks stupid.
  12. Agree to 100%. Don't know why so many here have Matthias as their determined 3rd line center. He shouldn't be the one standing in Horvat's way, if he's actually ready to go pro.
  13. How can it not make sense? Chicago have 5 good offensive forwards, but they don't have a 2nd line center. Chicago would be way better if they had Kesler. I doubt Teravainen will come in and be a pure 2nd line center right away. He's still too one dimensional in his game.
  14. Hedman

    Brendan Gaunce | C/LW

    Not that it has much to do with Gaunce, but seems like 2013 2nd rounder Remi Elie from the London Knights has been traded to Belleville for overage defenceman Brady Austin. New linemate for Gaunce?