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  1. Brian Burke is the one who said that. Teams who rely to much on one trait lose in the first two rounds. You have to be balanced, speed & skill, Size & Grit, Special teams but most of important is the intangibles, the Bryan Bickells, Maxime Talbots, Fernando Pisanis of the playoffs are how you win cups, you need 1 guy to play way beyond his means and score some big goals.
  2. Rathbone isn't signed IIRC, committed to Harvard for likely 2 more years
  3. Can someone electronically inclined help me out? I live on the north coast so my internet speed is sub-par at best, recently have had the option to upgrade to a better service but i haven't noticed much results as my router is a 2-3 years old, can someone recommend a new setup for me?

    1. Dazzle


      @logic Did you do any speed tests?

      Are you sharing internet with anyone?
      Do you have apps that you don't know that are in the background? (i.e. BitTorrent, Netflix etc)

      I highly doubt your router's age is an issue. 2-3 is nothing.

  4. Can anyone explain why our 50th season is celebrated as 19-20 but our inaugural season was 70-71?

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    2. Alflives



      I was thinking the same.   


    3. -AJ-


      The lockout makes it funky. It's our 50th year in existence, but 49th season. 

    4. goalie13


      Buffalo is celebrating their 50th as well.

  5. Third jersey is ugly af, might change opinion when seen in full gear
  6. Anyone order from hockey authentic? I see they have an adidas away for $199 wondering if the site is legit 

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    2. CanuckinEdm


      All good just wanted to suggest some other known places to you. The NHL store is authentic though.

    3. Roberts


      benhsports sells authentic jerseys too I should note. and vanbase isn't completely sold out of jerseys yet.

    4. logic


      sorry I should have put that I'm looking for a Petey Authentic Away

  7. Best and most realistic proposal on cdc in a long time
  8. His progression has be undeniable although he started way behind where he should have. It’s not unrealistic for him to score 20+ next year If Jake is a consistent 15-20 goal guy who could potentially be one of those playoff guys then I’m happy with the pick.
  9. Lol if he was good enough to be a key cog on the team he would be, but he’s not even close. Gifting players icetime doesn’t make them better
  10. I wonder what the guy in your avatar would say about that? being around winning does wonders for your mentality
  11. A winning environment is just as crucial as enough ice time for developing, throwing kids into roles they’re not ready for means lost games = losing environment
  12. Lmao playing a kid every game of the year for his first pro season is a recipe for disaster
  13. ice time isn't just how you develop players
  14. You realize Roussel set a career high and would have smashed it barring injuries. He’s worth every dollar
  15. I think it depends how the Lightning do in the playoffs this year, dude has played 104 playoff games, 2 conference finals runs, then back to back finals losses on different teams ( Rangers 13/14 Lightning 14/15) If they go far but not all the way you better believe he will still be hungry to get over the hump. That will be a HUGE factor in where signing, he'll have many options: A: Cashout to highest bidder on 4-6 year deal B: Take discount on 1-2 year deal to Cup contender C: Middle-ground deal, similar salary to what he's on now ( 4.5M ) for 2-4 years on a middle-ground team that could be a contender
  16. Think Kesler in his early days, has all the tools and materials just has to build the house
  17. Lol beagle and motte are useful af. Guys like them allow Petey and Boeser to flourish With offensive minutes. Motte is a good example for anyone on the team. Give it 150 percent and force your way onto the roster, make it impossible for the coach to take you out. A team needs true heart and soul guys like Beagle and motte to avoid being a buffalo or Edmonton. Guys like Sutter, Goldy and Spooner are the ones you look to move. people always complain about JBs UFA signings yet want him to dip into the pot again this year. None of those guys will sign for under 4.5m or less than 4 year deals
  18. Who do we take out of the lineup to make us worse lmao
  19. Where to eat in Vancouver? All cuisines & price points 

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    2. Jimmy McGill

      Jimmy McGill

      just walk around Keefer and Pender streets in Chinatown. You'll find everything from awesome $2 bao to great pizza to very high end Chinse-fusion. 

    3. debluvscanucks


      Indian Roti Kitchen or Las Tortas..both on Cambie.  If you're at a game you head South over the Cambie Bridge then keep going up Cambie for a couple of blocks...they're both on the right hand/West side of the street.  


      Las Margaritas in Kits is fun too.  Noisy/cramped though.



    4. I.Am.Ironman


      Quick bite? Chicken Shwarma from Al Basha in kits.. $8 and delish

      Sit down? Tavola on Denman. they have their every day pasta menu but they have a chalkboard menu that isn't posted on their website. The chalkboard menu changes daily depending on what they have in.

      Fine Dining? Le Crocodile on Burrard and Smithe. High end french cuisine but will set you back $100+ per person. One of the best meals of my life.