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  1. I definitely dropped the ball when i was looking at Moderna in the low 60's last week. Oh well I will be securing my 10-20% profit from selling the GNUS hype tomorrow morning and focus on my move to Calgary from the Maritimes Sadly I might have to shift my focus towards dividend and medium/long term stocks if I am able to secure my new job.
  2. Tempted to buy in now and sell on the announcement of the African-American actor which should be announced this week. (some screenshots say tues/wed will be the announcement).
  3. Watching HOFV fall after selling it feels like checking in on your abusive ex only to see their profile filled with "all men are the same" posts. Glad I took the 1.42 multiplier and ran. So tempted to pull the trigger on BLU aftet a failed FDA approval. Been consistent in the $8 range for a couple of years to be oversold to $2.60 today
  4. I was looking at that one since I'm having success with the SPAC's. Used all my USD funds on GPAQ that should run this week with the merger vote on the 30th (NFL hall of fame). Will flip the funds on this if there isn't a big run
  5. I mean do you really blame the police for quitting or getting the "blue flu". They are public enemy #1 right now and any assault on a police officer right now is somehow acceptable. Over 400 police have been injured from the riots and every day they get spit on, beaten and receiving death threats. On social media I had countless friends post "If there are 10 bad cops are bad then 1000 are also bad" Yes there needs to be the abolishment of police unions, police need way more time in self defense (jiu jitsu) so that they are confident in deescalating the individual without weapons.
  6. Yeah I was just expecting SRNE to reach 5.50 after the presentation while GNUS had a huge bump to 5.60 earlier in the day. Regardless of what happens I will be making a decent return on this investment.
  7. regretting going into SRNE instead of GNUS when it dropped to 4.80. Heres hoping SRNE has a good interview with Mad Money
  8. All 3 on top of Floyd should have been equally charged since the cause of death was compression to the neck AND the back. With Thao given the lesser sentence. Atleast all 4 will finally face their crimes
  9. Any insights on MNLO? I see that they have an FDA approval June 2 and one major insurer is now covering one of their drugs
  10. got greedy and tried to buy in at 3.16 when it was hovering around 3.20. hoping for another drop soon
  11. Bought into MARK at 2.85 yesterday and just sold at market close of 3.40. Not bad for being a noob and my first trade outside of the tsx. Now to find a new company to trade
  12. Have to go with Luongo. He was a major reason why I became a Canucks fan. I'm a firm believer that you need a solid goalie to win the cup..... I was one game away from being right
  13. Feel like other teams can give a better prospect. but I wouldn't mind trading Goldy and Gadj for Poolparty. But please someone get him a properly fitted helmet One good thing about Edmonton is that their young castoffs tend out to have decent careers on other teams. (schultz,dubby,ebs, hall)
  14. Canucks @ Oilers 2013 L 7-2 Blues @ Canucks 2017 (My first Canucks home game) L 3-1 Canucks @ Oilers 2018 (Sedin's farewell) SOL 3-2 Team tank you can always buy me season tickets
  15. I dont know man, I think we need to add on those trades Demko is unproven with only 10 NHL games and we're trying to trade him for a career .919 save percentage goalie in Schneider Horvat has had a negative +/- every season in the NHL so we would have to add at least a 2nd to get a player that is Kesler caliber.
  16. What will it cost us to get Taylor Hall. Every time his team is eligible for the draft lottery, they win it
  17. Jake and it's not really close. We already have better players that play the way that Goldy plays. After looking at Jake's season, he is playing quite well. 3rd most shots on goal and 2nd on the team for total hits
  18. Suprised we didnt take Jesse Lees, plays similar to gragnani but atleast he would of had a future in the ahl.