Thank you Henrik and Daniel (Discussion)

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3 hours ago, joe-max said:

You say that in order the win the cup the team would need one or more "elite" players (whatever that means).

You claim that the probability to find these "elite" players is higher the higher you pick.

The conclusion is that the team should pick as often and as high as possible.


Benning has recognized this and therefore tries to assemble as many first rounders as possible knowing that (following the crooked logic of the tanking crowd) the probability that one or more of them become the golden saviour that singlehandedly carries the team to the promised land is higher than with shabby 2nd or 4th rounders. That's also the reason why he trades those away.


The Canucks have got 14 first round picks on their roster (among them a 2nd overall, two 3rd overall, a 5th, two 6th and and two 8th). Of the 13 teams that I checked (including all recent cup winners) noone comes close to this number. So he does everything the tanking crowd wants, doesn't he?




I tried to argue this as well. Get the players you need from where ever you can. Via trade, UFA, RFA, Draft etc. , get the pieces you need any way you can.

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On 20/11/2017 at 7:08 PM, janisahockeynut said:

Well, I am still advocating the tank but.........................


The West Coast Express come to mind


Naslund drafted by Pittsburgh. Approx 5 years later traded to Vancouver

Bertuzzi drafted by NYI. Approx. 5 years later traded to Vancouver

Morrison drafted by NJD. Approx 5 years later traded to Vancouver


oh yes and the Henrik pick was own by the Islanders (3rd OA pick, which Vancouver traded for)


It does happen other ways................just not very often...........sorry WHL


That being said................................

Yes of course it happens. I  remeber Gretzky getting traded. 


And I remember us trading Neely to Boston. 


But we aren't getting a top end Dman in a trade without giving up a top end forward. So perhaps I should have said best way instead of only way. But I think you know what I was trying to say... 



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A few more nice things that have recently been said about Henrik and Daniel:


In his interview Biega praises their professionalism.

"To me in the media outside of Vancouver, [the Sedins] don't get enough credit," Biega said. "They're consummate professionals who do the right things all the time. It's no secret that they've been so successful, because their actions speak for itself. I'm really excited to be on a team where you can see Daniel accomplish that milestone. It's going to be exciting for him and his family."



Boeser an Bo mention them a few times in their NHLnow interview.

- Bo says that they are actually quite funny, although the mainly joke with each other ; they have a great personality

- He adds that in four years he has never seen them have a bad day, they are alyways positive, supportive

- He has huge respect for them, e.g. they constantly find new ways to improve

- Brock says Daniel has more perfect teeth

- Both agree that "Hank" and "Danny" are probably the most competitive people on the team

- When someone beats them at the fitness test, they go again


The other part is embedded in the Biega interview above.


There is also an article on Daniel approaching 1000 points, in which Green says:

"These guys are Hall of Fame players not just on the ice. Their character is Hall of Fame quality."


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Often when I feel down or tired, some good ol Sedinery makes me feel better.


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It's so nice to have them playing well again.  I know it won't get back to the good ol days, but it sure helps that they weren't just hanging on, and are contributing so well this year.


I haven't been able to find it, but one memorable goal was one time Canucks were blowing out the Flames,IIRC, and one of the twins scored from up by the blue line, flipping the puck high in the air, after some typical Sedinery.  if someone has a clip, I would appreciate it.

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True professionals. They give us more than anyone could have expected year after year.


In a seemingly new era of the NHL, where players barely 30+ are being played out of the line-up on pretty much every team. We have two soldiers still fighting and delivering for us. It is an honour to have witnessed all of this from the behinning to the end. Still hoping we can enjoy this for another season at least.

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