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  1. One thing the Moose had on their roster was a proven competitor and veteran in Mike Keane, who was a great example for the kids on what it takes to be be a long time NHLer. Does Abby have anyone like that? I wonder if Irwin could be that guy?
  2. Jack is the forgotten forward of our group now. He is going to have to reeeeeally impress at training camp if he hopes to stick with the club.
  3. No way PDG ends up on the second line. I know he was used there down the stretch, but that was with Mik out of the line up. PDG will probably be on the fourth line with Aman and Joshua or else the 13th forward. Hirose could steal that third line LD spot, but the fact that he doesn’t have to clear waivers may mean he starts on the farm team. I think Irwin, Brisebois, and Rathbone fight for the spot.
  4. Kuz - Petey - Beau Mik - Miller - Boeser Pearson - Bluger - Podz PDG - Aman - Joshua Dries Hughes - Cole Soucy - Hronek Brisebois - Myers Wolanin - Woo Demko Martin Garland moved. If Boes/Beau get moved instead, then Podz moves up to replace and Garland fills in on third line.
  5. It wasn’t management or Ian Cole. It was the fans who can’t let go after 15 years. Now I loved Luc as much as the next fan, but if the number ain’t retired, eventually someone else is going to wear it. Why not Ian? Otherwise retire it officially. This “it’s not retired but it is” is stupid.
  6. Funny, I feel the opposite. I think Soucy will surprise some fans. I think Soucy was underutilizing last year and I was impressed with him the most of any Kraken defender whenever they played us. That being said, I am expecting the reality to be somewhere in the middle, where no fan is happy or right. That’s our sweet spot. Lol
  7. Depending on how much better we would have been, I don’t think we get Petey in that scenario. Both Rangers and Red Wings were rumoured to be picking Pettersson with their pick. But if Nylander and Marcus only drop our drafting slot by a pick or two, then I agree with you.
  8. I agree. I also felt he was Seattle’s most noticeable defender for positive reasons when we played them. I look forward to what he can do in Vancouver.
  9. Same reason we have a cap in place. To ensure that the same top 6 teams don’t win basically every year by being able to throw money at the best players and best prospects. I get what you’re saying though…
  10. I think we’ll sign Juulsen even if the plan isn’t to have him in the top league. He’s a good, hard working, Abbotsford boy who can move up and down. I also don’t think we need to be worried about him getting claimed off waivers.
  11. I still always wanted to see Myers get a chance as a net front presence on the PP. Not saying it would have worked, just would have been interesting to see when things looked stagnant.
  12. I don’t believe money can be included in the trade anymore.
  13. Could we do something around Glass and Johansen for Miller+? I’d be down for that…
  14. Kuz - Petey - Beau McD - Miller - Boeser I liked the energy and his play in his few games, I’d like to see Aiden get a chance with Boes and Miller. Third line would by Podz, Ilya, with a 3C. Garland gone in trade. Probably won’t happen, but what I’d like to see…
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