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  1. For those of you complaining about Hughes ice time, do recall that he had a couple significant shifts as a right side D with OEL, this the bump in ice time. It didn’t really affect Rathbone. And Hughes didn’t really look gassed at all for what it’s worth. Green gave him a maintenance day, which is the definition of making sure he doesn’t get burned out. Canucks are fine.
  2. I think the rest of the team will be ribbing Quinn about it all season long. Similar to Doughty’s “team like that” comment.
  3. Maybe true, but still funny coming from a guy who played for a team that did even worse/had a worse record then the Canucks last year…
  4. Especially if he can bring back that mean hip check. Soooo good.
  5. The biggest hurdle for Rathbone is again, tie goes to Juolevi due to Rathbone being exempt from waivers. Rathbone can’t be as good or even slightly better then Juolevi. He has to be CLEARLY better then Juolevi.
  6. From the eye test alone last year, I don’t think that either Jack or Ollie were good enough to claim a serious advantage over the other. Both played well for rookies. I think this seasons camp will be the deciding factor. Being as good won’t win the camp for Jack, as he can be moved down without waivers, so for him to win a spot on the club he will have to be better by Ollie by a significant amount.
  7. Leon played half a season for the oilers before being sent back to the CHL.
  8. Didn’t seem a big deal to Marc Staal when his bros were in Carolina…
  9. Closer then most people will admit, but I would still take Weber based on that shot. I still remember him putting holes in the net and needing replays to confirm the goals. Lol
  10. Trading a player they would lose in a ED situation IS possible, however harder to accomplish then you’d think. Basically you would have to trade back someone who is not as good as the player you’re getting, but better then the next best player exposed on the team. Then you improve slightly, they lose the guy they were expecting to lose anyway, their team doesn’t change, and they get a pick out of it. ex. Carolina expects to lose Jake Bean. We trade them Juolevi and a 3rd for Bean. Juolevi, now being the best available player on Carolina, gets picked up by Seattle. Carolina roster is still same as expected after ED plus they walk away with an extra 3rd. We upgrade slightly on D.
  11. Observation: you people need to take this to a non-Jasek thread.
  12. To be honest, I think Juolevi has already EARNED his spot on the 3rd pairing, and even JR has shown enough to be given a chance in the top 6. That said, I do think Edler back on a much reduced cap would be beneficial. But ONLY if Green is going to reduce Edler’s 5 on 5 work load. I guess we’ll see what happens...
  13. This year was a mess with no real preseason, Miller missing the first couple weeks, COVID hitting. Combine that with the kids getting a little better, a little more chemistry, and playing ALL teams (not just Canadian teams) they will have a MUCH better season. Unless something unfortunate and unexpected happens, they’ll do better.
  14. You do realize tanking is only a thing with fans right? No player willing doesn’t win, just on the off chance they might be able to better draft a player that may come in and take their job. Players have to much pride to willingly lose. It doesn’t make any sense to anyone other then fans at home...
  15. Sorry if this has been discussed (didn’t read through all 16 pages), but who in their right mind would argue we’ve been in a rebuild for 7 years now? Owners, management, and the team have all been clear that as long as the Sedins were playing, the Canucks were in WinNow mode. it wasn’t until after the 2017-2018 when Dan and Hank retired that the Canucks embraced a rebuild. Prior to that we were doing the Flames retool on the fly (admittedly a poor method that rarely if ever works). so truthfully we have been in a rebuild for about 4 years, and the end is in sight. I’ve long said that our trajectory is mimicking the Avalanche, including a hard fall after the first playoff year. as for Benning, I think he gets more criticism then is fair, and has more respect from around the league then from the fans. That said, I’m not opposed to cutting loose if it comes to that.
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