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  1. 3-1 Montreal Taffoli with the winner Pearson with the first (and lone) home goal
  2. This team has no chemistry right now. They need to chill out and relax, get back to their game...
  3. No physicality with our team tonight. Throw a few more hits, get the oil looking over there shoulders and turning over the puck and it would have been a different game. No pressure from our guys. oh well, split series on the road is ok. Moving on...
  4. Petey: “Y’know, I had 10 goals in my first 10 games...” Hogz: “Hold my beer...” lol, not that I have high expectations or anything...
  5. I see the forward lines being: Miller - Petey - Virtanen Hogz - Horvat - Boeser Pearson - Gaudette - Sutter Motte - Beagle - Roussel if need be, Sutter could move to C and Mac could jump in somewhere (maybe Roussel moving up a line?) balanced lines.
  6. Funny thing is I that Benn actually looked a lot more comfortable out there when he was playing his offside in the playoffs. I was (kind of) looking forward to seeing him there this season. But Hamonic would be better I think. my concern is that the third pairing ends up being Benn - Hamonic and the kids (OJ) end up missing out again...
  7. Bold take: canucks pick up Vatenan AND Hamonic on minimum cap hits once Ferlund is on LTIR. Schmidt - Hamonic Hughes - Myers Edler - Vatenan what?!? Lol
  8. Toronto Montreal Calgary Winnipeg Edmonton Vancouver Ottawa This is so hard to predict. I personally think the Canucks had overachieved last year and was expecting a year of regression before their surge the following year. And that was before division realignment. We don’t play well against other Canadian teams. That said, the best schedule we have possibly ever seen may be huge.
  9. The value isn’t terrible, but robbing an already short rw to add to a slightly deeper c doesn’t make sense in my opinion. Virtanen is going to slot into one of the top two rw slots because we don’t have anyone else who’s proven to be better. Losing him would be even worse.
  10. Good way to ensure no UFA would ever want to sign with us ever again. Bravo! Ugh.
  11. Vaccines actually should be out within the month I hear, although getting one could still be a while away depending on demand, etc. but still, by next fall things should be back to near normal...