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  1. To be honest, I think Juolevi has already EARNED his spot on the 3rd pairing, and even JR has shown enough to be given a chance in the top 6. That said, I do think Edler back on a much reduced cap would be beneficial. But ONLY if Green is going to reduce Edler’s 5 on 5 work load. I guess we’ll see what happens...
  2. This year was a mess with no real preseason, Miller missing the first couple weeks, COVID hitting. Combine that with the kids getting a little better, a little more chemistry, and playing ALL teams (not just Canadian teams) they will have a MUCH better season. Unless something unfortunate and unexpected happens, they’ll do better.
  3. You do realize tanking is only a thing with fans right? No player willing doesn’t win, just on the off chance they might be able to better draft a player that may come in and take their job. Players have to much pride to willingly lose. It doesn’t make any sense to anyone other then fans at home...
  4. Sorry if this has been discussed (didn’t read through all 16 pages), but who in their right mind would argue we’ve been in a rebuild for 7 years now? Owners, management, and the team have all been clear that as long as the Sedins were playing, the Canucks were in WinNow mode. it wasn’t until after the 2017-2018 when Dan and Hank retired that the Canucks embraced a rebuild. Prior to that we were doing the Flames retool on the fly (admittedly a poor method that rarely if ever works). so truthfully we have been in a rebuild for about 4 years, and the end is in sight. I’ve long said that
  5. Having been linked to Rastalainen (sp?) and rumoured to be trying to trade up in the draft for Reinhert, I could see Benning trying to pick up the pair in a deal with Schmidt, and Jack or Ollie as the primary part of a package deal. Buffalo would have to take some cap back though... Can Highmore play Center? Or do I remember that wrong? could see Benning looking for a line up like Miller - Petey - Boeser Hogz - Horvat - Reinhart Pearson - Lind - Podz Motte - Highmore - McEwan Hughes - Risto Edler - Myers Rathbone/Juolev
  6. Or most recently another defense brother, Jordan Subban
  7. Doesn’t help that we’re missing Petey and Virtanen, two of our top guys for drawing penalties per 60. Lol
  8. First Tryamkin, now Jurmo! The sky is falling!!!
  9. It’s because of his draft spot. If he was a third or fourth round pick, nobody would have a problem with his production or play. truth is he’s a good to fair middle liner, and as long as he doesn’t get paid too much more then he is currently, he adds to the team. There are others coming along that may squeeze him out, but for now he has value to the Canucks. He’s a good forechecker, second on our team in hits, second or third in penalties drawn. Having a bad year point wise, like 90% of the team.
  10. No way does Gadj make the team out of camp next season. He will probably get a few call ups but spend most of the time with Utica. Gadj, Rathbone, and Brisebois (if we re-sign edler) will be our initial call ups for next season. Lind MIGHT make the team, depending on Beagle’s status and if we let Sutter walk or not.
  11. I see next year being Hughes - Tryamkin Schmidt - Hamonic Juolevi - Myers Brisbois, Bowey Edler walks. Rathbone getting some games and some at AHL. Rafferty traded/Not re-signed.
  12. Probably in the vast minority here, but I’d offer Gaudette to Seattle if they would pick Eriksson with their selection. Then Beagle and Ferland on LTIR, Sutter and Edler can walk. Use a pick and retention to move Roussel. Resign Vesey(~0.9) Boyd(~0.85), Hamonic(~1.5), and Tryamkin(~2.2). Sign Petterson(~8.8) and Hughes(~7.0) Hogz - Petterson - Boeser Pearson - Horvat - Podz Vesey - Miller - Virtanen Motte - Boyd/Lind - Hawryluk/MacEwan Hughes - Hamonic Schmidt - Tryamkin Juolevi - Myers Brisbois Demko Holtby
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