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  1. I can't believe JB managed to get anything for the worst D in the nhl. Well done Benning.
  2. I believe he wants to make the NHL, at least that's the vibe he seems to be giving off. I would be surprised if he didn't sign, but I have no qualms with him going back to college.
  3. Lol the last time I saw anyone stand up for a teammate on this team was when our goalie had to do it.
  4. Listening to his interviews he sounds determined to be in the NHL. Wouldn't surprise me if he makes the team right away.
  5. Don't like his injury history, but who knows might be a worth a gamble.
  6. Shocked we got him, gotta thank MTL and ARZ for that.
  7. Canucks have two jobs today:


    Don't trade the pick, and pick BPA.

  8. Challenge for a roster spot? What challenge? He is basically a lock on this team.
  9. Gotta feel for Leipsic tonight, traded from the top Western Team in the League to the worst.

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    2. cripplereh


      he felt great as he was not playing much and was given a chance to play, so now he might not like it,but when traded he was happy!

    3. Toni Zamboni

      Toni Zamboni

      he will get over it in a couple months when weed is legal.  :gocan:

    4. cripplereh


      LOL true that


  10. Sounds like you didn't watch the game, all the young guys got benched as the physicality picked up.
  11. I don't blame them, he is too weak on the puck. Reminds me of Raymond falling over all the time.
  12. The SC parade will be fun in Vegas.

    1. TNucks1


      you mean in WPG.

    2. combover


      Vegas to win the draft lottery and the cup.lol.

  13. Our powerplay could be lethal next year with Boeser and Pettersson.
  14. This kid is a gem, will make the team next year easily.
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