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  1. Can't find much footage or info about the guy other than his stats. I will say they appear kind of underwhelming but there's reason to project he'll be much better.
  2. I guess the reason I used that number is that he can be waived with no dead cap implications on our team. If he can play, he'll play. If not, no big deal.
  3. Wow. If that's what Risto is going for then I can only imagine what Schmidt would go for. With contract taken into consideration, I'd rather have Schmidt. If Schmidt could get us that I'd rather trade him and tank this next season. We'll have great cap space the following year to really build a competitive team.
  4. I don't see any loss in signing him to a 1.25 mil contract. Prior to concussions (not sure how he played after) he was imo better than Beagle.
  5. I mean there's only so many roster spots on the team though after picking up 30 players from expansion draft + whatever UFA pick ups they do. Lind seems like a reasonable candidate to make it through waivers that still has future potential. Even for us, it was going to be tough for him not to get waived and our forward depth will be worse than Seattle. We usually only keep 13 forwards: Miller Pete Boeser Pearson Horvat Hoglander Roussel Dickinson Podkolzin Motte Beagle Highmore Macewan Macewan is maybe the only player he beats out for us. Hopefully w
  6. I can't really speak to the credibility of Sean Warren or how reliable he is.
  7. https://theprovince.com/sports/hockey/nhl/vancouver-canucks/canucks-top-10-prospects-hard-rock-jett-woos-got-underrated-offensive-talents-too
  8. I suspect Will pick is who he would pick at that spot aka his talent rankings. Gut pick is who he thinks will be picked at that spot.
  9. An indirect benefit we got is seeing how Pettersson and Hughes perform without having additional support prior to them signing their first non-elc contract. I have no doubt that Pettersson and Hughes would have both had much bigger contracts had Tanev and Toffoli stayed. For long-term stability for the team and being able to fill it with depth, it was good to expose Hughes and Pettersson with more challenge to see what they were made of. Hughes certainly got exposed more on his defensive game. Pettersson also didn't have a stellar year but it appears Miller may be the driver on the line. Our t
  10. I'm glad we haven't. You know what some of the big names we've signed were? Barry Pederson, Mark Messier, Alex Mogilny, and Mats Sundin. We went nowhere with them. Big name trades haven't served this team well, I think the only debateable one is Luongo. We've had our best seasons where we traded for supplemental parts and made them better. There's no real shortcut to having to draft and develop your core instead of trading for it.
  11. I'd also probably take Eichel over Marner, Rantanen, Scheifle, Backstrom, and maybe Crosby at his current age. That puts him in the the top 10-15 range for forwards.
  12. I mostly remember him constantly icing the puck last playoffs.
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