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  1. Way overpayment for Theodore. I'd argue Miller alone is worth more than him. They'd at least have to include Cody Glass and a pick.
  2. Gillis drafted Shinkaruk and Horvat. If anything, the SHinkaruk trade was a + in Benning's ledger in hindsight.
  3. You can invent whatever definition you want but that's simply not what "controlling your own destiny" means. Whether it's a useful phrase is an entirely separate discussion and I'm likely inclined to agree with you that it isn't.
  4. I'm starting to think the issue may be more personal for why Baertschi is not getting called up. Why in the world is Marc Michaelis playing on this team over him?
  5. I've been pretty down on Benning since the off-season but this is a childish take on his performance.
  6. If our management had a spine, JT Miller wouldn't have to be the one to do this.
  7. I mean Gaudette's value had to be close to waiver territory anyway. From what I saw on our team, Vesey was a superior player (and with size) and we got him for free off of waivers. At least we got someone who can play the PK with Highmore. I've generally been critical of Benning for his moves post playoffs but this I don't mind.
  8. McCann? Forsling? With that being said, Benning has overall been pretty good about this over his tenure.
  9. You may be correct, I took the number from Capfriendly but I'm also not seeing how we end up with 17ish mil.
  10. Yeah this one might be the one that breaks the camel's back for me. The contract in a vacuum is not terrible. If Colorado signed this, it wouldn't have been a bad move. It's bad because: 1. It's in the context of our GM JUST TELLING US WE WILL COMPETE IN 2 YEARS. 2. We are replacing his old bad contracts for middling forwards with potentially new bad contracts for middling forwards. He hasn't learned. 3. We just lost key players due to poor cap management (Tanev, Toffoli). This signing basically admits we could've had Toffoli. He was only a million more and expires at the same time.
  11. OP here. To the comments about Ferland, I'm already assuming he's on LTIR to be favourable to Benning. We're that tight WITH him on LTIR.
  12. Not really the point here but if you don't think he's going to be here just swap him with another 1.5 mil dman.
  13. With the new signings of Demko ($5mil) and Pearson ($3.25mil), we are under some serious problems with icing a decent team next year. Next year we have $17,473,121 million in cap space with 15 players signed. Capfriendly states its only 12 players signed but I'm assuming they aren't counting currently injured players. Signed Next Year: Forwards Boeser $5.87 mil Horvat $5.50 mil Miller $5.25 mil Pearson. $3.25 mil Roussel $3.00 mil Beagle. $3.00 mil Virtanen $2.55 mil Mott
  14. I remember really wanting to sign him over Myers back in that offseason.
  15. ...how does a team like the Sens, Red Wings, and Sabres justify not picking him up? Surely they don't have 6 dmen better than him and they've got cap space.
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