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  1. a lot of negativity on here about last night's game. Canucks had a LOT of really good scoring chances, the WPG goalie got lucky/played extremely well, and the Canucks let in a single goal in 3 periods (not counting the empty netter). I know it's frustrating to watch your team lose in a must win game situation, but it wasn't like they mailed it in last night.
  2. people gotta blame someone, even if it means making up a false narrative
  3. I used to watch Sportsnet Now. It's pretty decent, but not without it's flaws. Depending on the device you're watching on I found sometimes the app didn't always work the way you'd want it to (streams wouldn't load, stopped playing part way through and have to re-load etc.). It seemed to work pretty flawlessly on a PC for what it's worth. It's really a shame that they don't invest more into their app design, because until there are viable alternatives to paying for an entire cable package just to watch one channel (hockey), people are going to continue to look to the internet for illegal streams.
  4. But that's the problem. You still have "parties". That creates these voters who just vote for a brand, instead of the actual person who's running. Which in turn means that the elected official has ZERO accountability to their constituents, when more than half of them couldn't even identify them in a room. Just my opinion anyways, I'm sure many will disagree.
  5. Pettersson seems like the kind of kid who will take a slump like this and use that frustration to make himself a better player. He is devoted to the game and constantly improving. Just wait
  6. As soon as we rid ourselves of political parties and start voting for politicians not based on their banner/affiliation, but based on their credentials and how they will support their constituents, a lot of this stuff goes away. It's too easy for politicians to just follow whatever the party line is and avoid any and all responsibility, when the majority of the population just votes for a colour each election season. It also makes it incredibly easy for the very wealthy to get exactly what they need from whichever party happens to be in power. Fix this, remove ALL money from politics (USA - we're looking at you here) and you will start to see improvement very quickly. Start voting in independents that have no party affiliation. You'll start to see legislation that supports the vast majority of the population, instead of a very, very small portion of mega corps and billionaires. Trump could have been this person to start making some of these changes, it's basically what he ran on, but he's just a lying sack of crap like the rest of them (worse in a lot of ways), only in it for himself and his friends.
  7. I'm not surprised that goals against is proving to be a problem this year, at least to start this season. We gutted our defense and replaced it with a bunch of new blood. Not to mention new goaltending too. With such a shortened training camp, it's going to take some time to iron out the little mistakes.
  8. yep, just threatening someone at their workplace with violence in order to influence political decision. No big deal, what rioters? In a sense he's not wrong though, these are more akin to terrorists than rioters.
  9. It's easy for that to happen when you surround yourself with yes men. And that is 100% what he's done.
  10. You ever hear the saying that if you keep repeating the same BS over and over again you actually start to believe it yourself? He may have started off knowing it was a lie, but we're way beyond that now.
  11. And he is adamant that he couldn't have lost because of the size of his rallies (in the middle of a global pandemic) We live in some crazy times.
  12. It would certainly go a long way to begin the healing that's necessary in that country. People need to stop worrying about what will happen if they go after Trump, and start worrying about what will happen if they don't.
  13. at least the base of Republicans supporting Trump is shrinking steadily by the day. It should be ZERO, but at least it's shrinking.