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  1. Missed the last game, must have been a stinker based on the abundance of "sky is falling" threads being started
  2. I hope they are forced to play him. God that team is built poorly
  3. weak suspension, that was a dirty hit on a defenseless player. I don't even know why I open these threads. The DOPS is a complete joke.
  4. Yikes, first Virtanen and now Olli. Not a good look on Jim's drafting record. At least with Virtanen you can blame it on being a pretty weak draft (there were bad players selected around him too), but with Olli, he really missed on that one. So many good players taken right after. Waiting for the lackluster return to be announced and CDC to subsequently crash for the remainder of the Thanksgiving long weekend.
  5. Nice job vancouver sun. Give these idiots the publicity they're after by quoting their songs. Maybe next time you can post a link to the spotify so I can have a listen on the way to work.
  6. Smith drives me nuts with his diving. I'm actually much more interested in hearing how kassian is doing after that concussion, but no mention of him.
  7. are you thinking of the Golden State Killer? California sure has it's share of psychopaths.
  8. Do you find trolling a pandemic funny? Or are you just one of those people looking to sow distrust in our society? Either one, get lost.
  9. and youtube, and reddit. seems the internet is full of experts these days!
  10. WOOOOOW. 1 game for a cross check straight to the face? off to a great start DOPS.
  11. If you look at his history, Jim Benning has actually done a good job resigning players to team friendly, fair contracts. Brock and Bo contracts for example. It's more or less just the UFAs he has problems overpaying with. At least so far...
  12. If for some insane reason we can only get one of these two signed, it better be Petey. Obviously still hoping for both to get signed on non-team-crippling deals. C'mon guys, times up, stop playing hardball. Bring back the bridge deal! No more of this RFA madness that Toronto has helped create.
  13. It's so bad it's not even funny. Ironic how his best pick (Horvat) is now leading the current core.
  14. Here's another point of view https://blackhawkup.com/2020/12/18/blackhawks-breaking-teams-logo-controversy/ "While people are often quick to categorize the Blackhawks’ logo as one of a number of racially motivated epithets in sports, both the team name and the logo were created to honor the rich heritage of Illinois, and the name wasn’t originally a reference to Native Americans at all. The founder of the team, Frederic McLaughlin, came up with the name “Black Hawks” in reference to the army division he served with in World War I, which was nicknamed the Black Hawk Division. It was this army division that was originally named for a Native American, not the hockey team. While the team logo is obviously based on a Native American, it is honoring the image of Chief Black Hawk, the Sauk warrior who the army division named themselves after. While other sports teams, such as the former Washington Redskins, used a name and logo that was based purely on a racist trope, the Blackhawks have tried their best to always show respect to the heritage their team came from. This is why I agree with the team that the logo should stay the same. Perhaps I’m a bit biased, having been a ‘Hawks fan for so long, but leaving my bias out of the argument, the Blackhawks have done a lot to show their respect for the team’s heritage and to hold up the numerous Native American communities throughout Chicago. In addition, the team has previously acknowledged that some of their old practices were in poor taste, and have taken steps to move away from these controversies. In July, the team announced that they were banning the wearing of headdresses in the United Center during games. These headdresses were widely seen as cultural appropriation, and the ‘Hawks did the right thing in banning them. The history of the Chicago Blackhawks is one that is long and rich. While the team’s logo is still seen as inappropriate or even racist by some, the fact is that the ‘Hawks have done everything possible to work with the Native American community to honor and respect their heritage. This is what, in my opinion, separates Chicago from so many other teams that have been mired in controversy. Hopefully, relations between the team and Native Americans will do nothing but continue to thrive."
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