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  1. That article that you linked leaves out a lot of detail of the claim. Try this instead https://theprovince.com/sports/hockey/nhl/vancouver-canucks/woman-files-civil-lawsuit-against-vancouver-canucks-forward-jake-virtanen "She said the two met again in Metro Vancouver in September and she was taken to what was described to her as the team’s training camp hotel. She alleges she repeatedly said no as the player forcibly undressed her and forcibly had intercourse with her without a condom." At this point I'll reserve judgement until later. The reality is, we're probably never going to know
  2. Why does it feel like this is the direction society is headed?
  3. damn that highlight video can get a guy excited. Pods plays the right way, let's hope he can make the jump to the NHL and play this same style against the best in the world
  4. Thankfully Petey showed that he isn't going to be fazed by a little big of rough stuff in the playoffs. In fact, it only made him compete even harder. He really is a special player. Quinn struggled more with the playoff style hockey, but to be fair it was also only his first year on the team. He's got plenty of time to learn from other guys on the team how to battle through that kind of stuff. I don't think by any means the Canucks are lacking star power, what they need are reliable supporting players that can stay healthy for the majority of the season. We've sti
  5. no chance I would pay several hundred dollars to watch this team play hockey when we're allowed again. I know these games are meaningless, but this team is playing like garbage. There needs to be a big shake up next season.
  6. I haven't seen a game in a while, but is this seriously what Canucks hockey looks like now?
  7. I was going to say, where exactly is this unsourced quote coming from?
  8. watch a bunch of teams bring back the enforcer role this offseason. It's becoming really apparent that you can't rely on the league to make the right move, teams are going to take things into their own hands. Wilson is not off the hook yet, not a chance.
  9. I hope the owners unify and stand with the Rangers on this one. The NHL is making the wrong move, it sends a bad message.
  10. Give him the Raffi Torres treatment. Need to get these kind of repeat offending goons like Mantha out of the game once and for all. Next time he should try a hockey play, like hair pulling or cross checking the back of someone's neck and driving their face into the ice.
  11. Edler just looks like he's bracing himself to throw a big hit. Watch the replay from 28 seconds, it's Hyman that tries a move to deke around Edler at the last second, Edler just continues on his same course. It's not like he stuck his knee out further at the last second, it's just unfortunate. Hyman should have just taken the hit instead of trying to dance around a viking.
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