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  1. disagree on the Petey comment about toning it down. Hes a flashy player and is at his best when he does what he does. Its a big part as to why hes good and boosts his confidence.
  2. ah that was a tough loss. not far from a w though. nice to see OEL scoring and playing solid on the defensive end. Nice hit by myers. Petey did some really awesome things and seems to be on his game. Demko played well. Garland has some nifty skating...Podkolzin showed his skill a few times, is gonna be tough for a player being used to be o the 1st or 2nd line playing on the 4th line.....wonder how thats gonna pan out. Hoglander did some great plays. ...just some observations from the game.
  3. Ohh yeahhh..finally the season starts. too bad about brock in particular being out of the lineup but its still very exciting to see the new guys in the lineup along with how some of our young guns have developed. im hoping the team that has formed can build chemistry and get together as a group must in order to be a winning team. game on!!!!
  4. the team underachieved a lot last year and were terribel at the start then a little row of wins here and there like it should have been from the start. This year we got pretty much half the team gone and EP40 not injured and good players like podkolzin, Garland and OEL has joined. Jack was right if u look at the stats and the standings of the team...we were terrible. Doesnt mean Jack can say it like that instead of just stating that nucks had an off-year compared to the previous one. However....the thing now is to get QH and EP signed and with a decent value for both sides. if we loose either one of those 2 its nothing short of a disaster considering both of their potential and high level of play.
  5. yea this is kinda worrying.....EP40 without contract this close to camp....this is as nervous as the boeser contract all the way untill the end of the preseason. This is supposed to be the year both EP40 and brock take the next step in their development. talk about disaster if Petey signs somewhere else...
  6. Next season wil be interesting, not sure how the3rd and 4th liners will work out, How well will Podkolzin fit in? However the main concern is the D. OEL is great, QH is an offensive force and Myers is ok. Would have been great if Schmidt would have stayed, now the D is questionable since OEL cant eat up all the minutes on the ice.....
  7. I would say OEL is at his peak....what is left is how he wants to finish his career. the next 4 years is what is left if he wants to win the cup. OEL is not just offensive force, its his Defensive plays that makes a large difference. Hes all-round and skilled in so many ways as well as being a leader. meanwhile...2 videos from swedish magazines, one from his home in Arizona and one from his familys home in Sweden where hes also building a house....at least one has english subtitles.
  8. im a bit concerned about the D. OEL is the only one with capacity to move alongside Huggybear, He is the one to match QH:s speed and cover the Defensive aspect as well as having outstanding offensive capacities. But besides those 2and Myers being ok theres not much left. OEL is going to have to take on a huge amount of minutes that schmidt and Edler carried. Whos going to take on some of those minutes? i think its looking kinda thin besides those 3....
  9. Holy moly.....OEL...now thats an amazing trade. but it was costly. on the other hand We gain one top tier D that goes into any teams first lineup. He is good....really really good...
  10. Podkolzin imo but not likely anything untill next year. We will see a lot of changes of the team for next year as is.
  11. Yea i really enjoyed that piece on Hogs....if there is anything positive to come out of this season its definetly Höglander. Feels like a bright beacon in this seasons darkness and im always excited to see him on the ice. The kind of player u want things to go his way purely due to his sheer will and tenacity and that sparks energy for others.
  12. What we GAINED??? we gained capspace for EP40 and hughes...and soon brock again. THe goal is cup within 3 years from now so im guessing they are just gonna let this season slide and hope new talent will rise up and be able to afford to keep others. we wouldnt have had such a crappy season if we would have had more time to prepare and get the Defense more organized. we could have been in the middle but instead we are in the bottom.
  13. Not sure what the fuss is about. The season started terrible, petey got injured and Demko went bananas and played some great games for us. Now we are back at the bottom with many more games played then our oponents which has more points. And now its like the injuries keeps piling up. If Demko turns instant vezina constantly throughout the season and the other teams plays worse then they have doesnt really seem like all that likely. Its almost as if this season wasnt meant to be anything other then a Tank one. I hate it but we cant change it. Our team hurt a lot due to our losses on the D and didnt have time to repair/prepare the difference is my theory. Now we are playing like a middle team but we are in the bottom due to our start.
  14. Well i check our standings...how we started our season is the background to where we are...thats bad....or did we NOT loose a bunch of games in a row then? in my meaning this is a bad season based on where we are now, without petey and now without Pearsoni think its gone from bad to worse. if u think our standings are good and our lineup is good compared to a healty lineup then wopidoo here we go. Out season IS BAD! because we actually manage to get a winstreak going is ofc a great thing but doesnt really mean squat unless we get to the playoffs and we are so deep down it would take a recordbreaking winstreak to even get close. I want petey back coz of his dynamic plays and we need pearsons shot and nose for the net. everyone has ups and downs, but imo we have had a BAD season and with someone like pearson out 4 weeks i say its worse. that doesnt mean i say we lie down and die, but it does make the possibilities of "having a good season" really really really small....
  15. umm michaelis is assigned to taxisquad and vesey is supposed to join......something is wrong with those lineups...
  16. This is serious...i mean its the battle of the bottom...who will finish last? hmm.... i hear a tank rolling in the distance.... And where the f is EP40? if u cant fight fir playoffs at least give us some entertainment, some dynamic plays and skillled moves...if not. Let Hog dig in and grind them to the bone by sheer will. Im happy either way. Should be an easy win either way considerin sens played yesterday.
  17. So.....it could be worse....we could be ottawa. Any update on Petey? if we cant play for playoffs at least let me see some skillls and some pride.... To me the only bright thing about this season has been Hoglanders entrance to the team. Brock returning to how good he really can be is another good thing. For now i just hope Demko can find a stability so he can maintain a high level of play which he on occasion has shown this season. Juolevi still needs time but is a positive sign. So..where do we go from here? can at least fight for ur honor and a place in the lineup next year.
  18. So the title of the thread is half time evaluation. Some players has underperformed and we have been missing a solid defense to keep the numbers down. Offensively i dont see an issue, its been our losses with 2 dmen and a top goalie combined with corona-motivation and shortened prep. The end result is what u see...a ton of goals has gone in and its hard to get Ws when ur always struggling to get a game between the goalie, the D and up to the forwards. in short...we are lagging behind and cant get back up. We are simply too far behind and its a bit a of a miracle if u can get into the playoffs. Demko has had a few games where hes been great but still has issues being consistent. The D needs to be better at communicating and covering for eachother as well as making the plays between eachother and the forwards. All in all evaluation: We are a team that belongs in the bottom 4
  19. well, id definetly like to see the team outperform themselves once this season against a top team, wether it would have been habs or leafs doesnt matter but deffo one of the two. If there would be something that would make the team start to believe in itself it would be a win like that tonight.....So, live for the moment and break them down! lets Win!!!
  20. Well its monday and some of us worked nightshift so....no chance to see a game where they play solid for once. Demko had some nice saves i noticed, i hope he can maintain this level or we will be on another loosing streak soon again. Round 2 tomorrow....lets hope Jets didnt save fuel and got tired....
  21. yea well its not our top lines thats the issue..it starts with the D, how they bring the puck up to the forwards and also how they work together with eachother and the lines the D are playing with.....if that is not on point its gonna get seriosly hard no matter whos on ur those 2 top lines....look at how many goals we have allowed i mean...that is BAD stats....
  22. Id say its a question of what players u have and their qualities. If some player underperform u need to act and if u just end up loosing game after game something is wrong. imo the Defense has not been able to adjust since its loss and with the short preseason u never had a chance to get that under control. Another issue is last season we had a goalie that played Vezina level on many occasions and that we do not have now either. This season looks lost due to those factors...so....team tank is back in business???
  23. imo the main reason is the Defense. The players that went, Stecher, Tanev and Marky were all good players. We now have juolev schmidti who is ok defensively and Demko/holtby are doing a decent enough job. Also the team is underperforming, which i think may give credit to the whole corona situation and not having fans that help the players elevate their game on a normal day. if u look at Habs firing their coach despite them being in the top shows the difference on expectations as well as the current teams status. These are the main reasons for why we are where we are and why its highly unlikely that we will make the playoffs. For things to change u need something that changes their mindset to perform without an audience and the team forming a chemistry leading to a higher level of play for the individuals playing together. The team needs to be twice as good as they have been so far to even make the playoffs and that is highly unlikely.
  24. Well..they need to win as much as they have lost so far, for the remainder of the season. By that i mean % nr of wins vs nr of games played. The rest of the season looks difficult to make anything out of, but not impossible. The Ws needs to start now and they need to elevate their game a bit in order to be able to do this.
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