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  1. He smoked Joseph after a dirty hit... That whole series of events was wild.
  2. For all those complaining about the missed calls, I agree but...huge but...did you see our powerplay prior to OEL scoring...woof! Our powerplay needs to be way better.
  3. Overall not a bad game, a bit sloppy at times, but I didn't think McDrai were that dominant. I know it's early but usually McDavid has 10 pts by now, And a highlight reel goal. Canucks kinda snuffed out the top line for a lot of the game
  4. 3-0 Edmonton Hyman GWG. Miller, ( maybe not this game)
  5. Man Jim Benning says, "you know" a lot. If you want a drinking game take a shot every time he says 'you know' in an interview. You'll be wasted in 8 minutes.
  6. Is Green still trying to find chemistry?
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