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  1. I was actually thinking along the lines of entry into their country being denied to individuals who don't get an FDA-approved vaccination, but I guess Biden did say that he's against vaccine passports. Especially considering there are a lot of people in many places there who have already taken a stance that vaccines are evil and refuse to be vaccinated themselves - many places of which are dependent on tourism $$$.
  2. Your post about FDA beat me by seconds... Seconds, I tells ya! What do you think is the likelihood that the WHO-approved, non-western vaccines will apply for FDA approval?
  3. They'll probably only let half of you in - you get to decide which half. On a more serious note, it seems like the holdup would be FDA approval, and since AZ is already trying to get FDA approval for use south of the 49th, I'm sure they'll eventually get it, and then the issue of exclusion of AZ-vaccinated persons won't exist any more.
  4. I was going to upvote your post, because I agree with the sentiment of the points you raised... but I can't do it with your posting of MC Jin, who is a known bootlicker of the ccp and "blue ribbon/blue zombie" in terms of the HK anti-ELAB/pro-democracy movements.
  5. Sadly, the current Rt. Hon. isn't willing to steel his spine against them, and his government's Loyal Opposition is unfortunately not really an acceptable option or fit to govern this country (as the Official Opposition's former and current leader(s) have been and are somewhat autocratic in nature and far from the progressives that they used to be). However, at the personal level, one can always boycott goods and services that the ccp has involvement in, and I practice it to the fullest extent that I can and encourage others to do so as well. There's only so much they can do once
  6. Clearly you need a steel-lined one, since the shots are supposed to increase your magnetism...
  7. Not sure I catch your drift. Are these two options not the same? Or is "against" a typo? Sure, and that never stopped the ccp from trying to bully the west. However, I do agree with your point, and the goal never was to bully China, it's to enlighten the populace and its trading partners about the monsters that are in control of the regime and ru(i/n)ning the country. It's also to compel the ccp to change its behaviour to be less of a nationalistic and genocidal bully and more of a global citizen. I had hope in '89 that the moderates would come out on top.
  8. The west has only been trying to incentivize the ccp's change since the days of Trudeau & Nixon and their policies of "engagement". The ccp has taken those incentives, and not only shown that they won't change, they've turned around used those incentives against the west. What were once incentives are now essentially appeasements towards that regime. I just hope that "engagement" won't one day become "subservience", which is how dynasties of China past have typically handled international relations.
  9. Screw that - if Loui Eriksson is going to Dallas, he'd better take his cap hit with him!
  10. This appears to be behind a paywall. Any possibility you could share a summary of the article/interview?
  11. I do not engage in discussion with people who I do not have respect for, and I've just lost all respect for you.
  12. I wouldn't bother trying to reason with him. It's obvious he's a ccp sympathizer.
  13. Clearly you missed the part about the great leap forward, where estimate range up to 55 million people died. Stalin? Whatever. Mao's got him beat handily. As for warfare, Sun Tzu's "The Art of War" is predicated on physical warfare being the lowest, basest form of warfare, and that compelling your adversaries to submit without use of physical force is the highest form of the art. The ccp has opted to use economic means to compel others to submit to them, with their belt/road initiative being the most recent mechanism to economically enslave lesser nations into vassal states. A
  14. The only party worse than the ccp were the national socialist party of Germany, but the ccp is definitely making a bid to pass them within this decade.
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