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  1. The anti vaxxers are generally not good at math. They cannot comprehend big numbers like that.
  2. Coach reminds me of Ted Lasso!
  3. Why the h#ll have they not been arrested for trespassing? Any one not there on school business should not be allowed to enter.
  4. Good on ya! I don't think you are an anti-vaxxer. More like a Vaccine hesitant that got caught up in the lies that the active and vocal anti vaxxers are peddling. Those people will never get the vaccine because really its not about vaccines per se but about being against government and restrictions that are imposed. They don't like being told what to do even if its for the good of society and themselves.
  5. and 10 of the beers will give you a long term hangover
  6. I think it may be best to let them have their "peaceful protest" but the minute any of them gets out of line, i.e. block people from doing their jobs, verbally abusive and or violent, its time to lay down the law. That's the key. Threats to any particular individuals or impeding essential vehicles should be dealt with ASAP.
  7. I gather they are reluctant to do so because of all the negative publicity about police brutality etc.. If an individual decides to threaten violence against someone else or uses their car or body block access to important essential services they would get arrested on the spot. Yet it seems to be ok to do that when a group of people decide to have a "peaceful protest". Horgan should take some leadership and say that while people are allowed to have a peaceful protest, any threats of violence or intimidation should not be tolerated. More importantly anyone that blocks access to traffic or to people from getting to their essential services will be dealt with immediately. This is not about being heavy handed. This is about upholding the law. Laws that are made in a free society.
  8. This is about PUBLIC HEALTH. Its not about dividing society. Its about PUBLIC HEALTH. So needing a drivers license to drive a car on public streets, is that dividing society? Vaccine Passports are not about discrimination, segregation, division, loss of rights or freedoms. Its about PUBLIC HEALTH. Do I have to say this again? Its about PUBLIC HEALTH. Geez, so tired of this BS.
  9. Sorry you feel this way, the province has only mandated vaccinations for the health care sector. It is entirely up to other businesses and organizations what they want to do. They are subject to employment laws when terminating employees for any reason, including severence and wrongful dismissal. But they still have the duty to protect their workers and customers. It’s a gray area. The employer must show that they considered other ways of reducing risks including the use off PPE, accommodating the workers by giving them jobs with less contact with customers etc…
  10. Sigh. And then there’s this: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1302143960224863?hoisted_section_header_type=recently_seen&multi_permalinks=1303294826776443
  11. I think you need to dumb it down even further. Like pre school level further.
  12. Reading his posts, it seems like he has major flat earther delusions. Not really sure we should even respond.
  13. Posting garbage again. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-58309254
  14. In the words of your fellow anti Vaxxers, “Do your own research”
  15. COB seems to some mental block with that point (the vaccinated are less likely to be infected in the first place). The province is clearly concerned about the hospitals getting slammed and it’s clear who the ones are that would be causing this. They don’t want the unvaccinated running around getting infected and ending up in hospitals whether it’s from the vaccinated or not. Hence they are putting the brakes on their non essential activities instead of closing them down for the rest of us who are vaccinated. Basically the unvaccinated will be experiencing phase 1.
  16. cut the BS. We all know what you were getting at. Do you even have a clue about what the nazi’s did? Have you been to one of the concentration or extermination camps that have been made into memorial sites?. If not then you need to STFU. What a load of crap. You don’t like the government here? Then don’t let the door hit you on the way out. I heard Desantis down in Florida may be more your style. Your rants sound like a kid taking a tantrum when told to eat your vegetables. I suggest you grow up.
  17. They locked down hard at the onset and then really put the clamps on international travel. The fact that they were an island really worked to their advantage. Once the virus virtually petered out, they were diligent in keeping it out. I had a few Zoom chats with a former classmate of mine a few months ago. The way she described things, it seemed everything was back to normal. Very little masking or social distancing. They were able to manage any small outbreaks of the original Covid. The Delta Variant is a different beast altogether. Now they have to really clamp down but people are used to their freedom so its much tougher this go round. Not enough are vaccinated to help them.
  18. Stop feeding the trolls guys. Not worth the time
  19. Managing to a COVID zero strategy seems to have backfired for them (along with New Zealand). Life for them was largely normal for a better part of a year but it also made them complacent. How do you encourage your population to get vaccinated when there was virtually no Covid in your country? This also made the government more complacent in procuring Vaccines. As much as we kind of freaked out during our 3rd wave when we had upwards of over a thousand cases a day, it no doubt lead to more demand for vaccinations and greater pressure for our government to supply them.
  20. nothing wrong with bringing up "concerns" but at the end of the day they are just opinions and not facts until CREDIBLE evidence backs this up.
  21. This I fully agree with. :No one should have to deal with that crap at work. I have a lot of respect for those that are working in Health Care. Not trying to downplay the side effects from Covid vaccines. I am truly sympathetic to those that have been impacted by side effects. But it is important to note that they are generally very rare. My take is that they are erring on the side of caution. They pulled AZ from use for a time for the blood clot issue even though the rates were like one in 250,000. There is a big difference between a Vaccine Hesitant person who follows all the rules and minimizes their risks to an Anti Vaxxer that spreads misinformation and engages in activities that perpetuate the spreading of the virus. In a way, some Vaccine hesitants are victims of the anti vax community. But the question I ask is, "What studies are they waiting for?" MRNA technology has been around for quite a while now. Its the very reason why we have vaccines against Covid so quickly. Its unfortunate that some have concluded that the speed at which we found a vaccine automatically means that it hasn't been thoroughly tested. Never has there been so many resources thrown at a Health Crises. The amount of testing done is unprecedented. Long term effects with vaccines are generally very rare. Its not really how vaccines work. Most side effects occur within a few months and are linked to your bodies reaction to the vaccine and not the vaccine itself. The vaccine does not stay in your body for very long. https://www.muhealth.org/our-stories/how-do-we-know-covid-19-vaccine-wont-have-long-term-side-effects
  22. Maybe, maybe not. we don't know. The vaccines we are using now are the same ones we used before the Delta variant took hold and are still very effective at preventing hospitalizations and death. I am confident that we have the technology to tweak the vaccine (boosters) to fight against other variants that may pop up. New Zealand did a great job of keeping Covid out and their life was pretty much back to normal for the longest time (helps that they are isolated islands). But even then, Delta got in and they are faced with a less than 40% vax rate. Their infections are still low for now but that's due to very strict measures.
  23. Just as I thought. No clear solution. Vaccines against: Polio Mumps measles smallpox etc.. Says hold my beer. So you say no to vaccines because its my body my choice yet you think that we can bring in the army and lock things down for 60 days (and I mean a REAL lockdown) and not have people protest against it? Not well. 50 million dead worldwide
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