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  1. In the interest of accuracy, he's third behind Gerry Desjardins and Brian Hayward. Desjardins GP 35 Sv% .866 Hayward GP 37 Sv% .871 Cloutier GP 25 Sv% .872
  2. Greg Hawgood. Or as the PA announcer in Carolina called him, "Hagwood."
  3. If I read Drance's article correctly, in spite of the fact there are two more games after tonight, this is our last chance to hear Garrett, Murphy and Shorty.
  4. Ken Hammond? Good one btw.
  5. No one cares about your opinion, btw. Its the posters who aren't smart enough to separate their feelings about how they feel someone does their job with their "opinion" on the actual person the shows how shallow they are.
  6. ITT: A bunch of people whose experience with a microphone doesn't go beyond the drive-thru trying to sound like experts.
  7. Amazing Shorthouse can see the Anderson tip calling the game off a monitor 2500 miles away.
  8. How else are you going to develop players? This is how its done.
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