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  1. Freaking bee stings suck

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    2. Alflives



      Buy yourself a couple of those kill wasps in a can sprays.  Then hunt out their nest, and exact your revenge.  Used that stuff a lot on the farm, and it was phenomenal.  They will have one guard bee.  Get him first, and the nest is yours.  :towel:

    3. Nuxfanabroad


      Got stung by one of them *b#stard* asian sparrow bees, while trail running a couple yrs back.


      Like Goalie13 my hand swelled up like I had a boxer's glove on..

      yeah, it swelled up like a balloon

      Now I read this Stat U once again

      You would not understand

      Sparrow Bee - Asian

      My hannnnnd had become, uncomfortably numb (guitar solo pls)

    4. luckylager


      While gardening you say.. 

      Observe the ground in the area you were gardening, look for holes and bees flying in and out. Bees don't sting unless they're threatened..


      I was pulling weeds from my side garden and a couple of bees attacked my gloves so I backed off and came back later. I noticed bees flying in and out of a small hole at the base of one of my cedars.

      I like bees, but I have kids so I bombed the hole and dug it up the next day - there was a bees nest in the ground. I'd never seen or heard of that before.

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