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  1. Republicans who didn't go all in on the Russian and fake news propaganda and become the psycho right. It'd be very easy to be anti abortion, anti tax, anti government spending, while also not selling your soul to the dumbass, dictator wannabe, highly corrupt, Uber deficit spending, super anti-science Trump but they choose not to for some weird reason.
  2. They let the medical experts do their job. Therir federal governments worked together with their provincial/state/etc. leaders to portray a single, strong message of social distancing, wearing masks, and sanitization. They don't continue to repeatedly downplay the virus. Their federal governments worked to secure personal protection equipment rather than buy them up and hoard them to distribute at their leisure for profit. Their presidents/prime ministers don't make fun of people wearing masks. They have strong leaders that promoted citizen buy-in to restrictions. When implementing lockdowns and restrictions, these implements weren't lifted until after a downward trend was attained and not simply a plateau, probably the biggest blunder of the US. Trump did a couple good things, especially early on in March and April. But from about May onwards, he took a strong start and turned it into a last place finish. Then there were all the things that Trump and the Republicans did before the pandemic even began that weakened America's response. Trump dismantled the office who's job it is to prepare for pandemics back in 2018. Since 2017, he had pulled more than 30 american CDC staffers from China, making America oblivious as to what pathogenic activity is going on in the pathogen hotspot of the world. The US had left it's position on the WHO board vacant for two years before finally filling it in May, 5 months after the pandemic started. Trump, like in many other ways, weakened the US globally and the US itself suffered for it. Obama left him a pandemic preperation spark notes and he just chucked it away stupidly.
  3. In the US there are 300,000 excess deaths so far and about 190,000 attributed to the coronavirus. That's almost 2/3rds. I know what's going to come next, the deaths don't exceed the annual us death growth rate expected and they don't - yet. But that'll change as another 200,000 are predicted to die from CoVID in the US by February. Then you'll be really stuck in your argument as restrictions won't help your numbers by limiting all the other types of deaths that social distancing and staying at home is limiting.
  4. That chart literally tells you how many more deaths per week there have been than the average of the previous 5 years. "Are you trying to say all those excess deaths are not Corona related. Talk about making yourself look bad." What does this even mean? "If all those people who died of Corona are counted as excess deaths who was going to die from the flu?" The people that die from the flu? Which is expected to be far lower this year given the coronavirus restrictions plus a weaker strain. "I get that all you did was pick a statistic from the first page of google results but you need to dig deeper than that." This one you got correct, but that's all it really takes to be honest, you aren't as refined in your research as posters that have come before you.
  5. Somebody just posted above you that 2020 has 300,000 excess deaths in the US alone. At least try to be somewhat credible, this is sad man. If the numbers don't lie, the common sense poster would include his numbers and source in his post. Here's one from ourworldindata. You make yourself look really really bad when you do this.
  6. Politics can be a slippery slope into fear and anxiety. It's good to step back and take a break sometimes. Good luck.
  7. Yea WHL Rocks is a far right faux news poster who won't fact check his own sources so there isn't any reason to entertain him or take his posts seriously.
  8. The video itself isn't entirely truthful, but Biden supported freezing Federal spending increases in the 1980s and 1990s to curb the decifit spending that was going on. He's on the other side now as cutting would hurt his election chances. Trump has a budget on record now that calls for 25$ billion in social security cuts.
  9. Haha that's the lazy answer. The right answer is that a lot of sources the far right rely on are extremely dubious, with substandard levels of evidence, outright lies which are disproven after the fact (including Schweizers book), and articles that, if you submitted it to your college professor, would get you laughed off of campus. And since so much of what is said can be outright shown to be false, the word of that person becomes meaningless. Schweizer is the editor of Brietbart now? A news website known for lying constantly. Stop being lazy.
  10. Obama gave a campaign speech in front of a car-bound crowd and then, afterwards, grabbed a bullhorn and spoke to a few volunteers outside. If you haven't listened to his speech I'd recommend it, he really rails this failure of an administration hard. Also nice to hear somebody intelligent giving a speech, it's been 4 long years of incoherent 4th grade levels of vocabulary and sentence structure. Trump, despite the coronavirus ripping through America, continues to shamelessly spread the virus willingly by packing in crowds. It was pretty funny to hear Trump tell the crowd the only reason he was there was because he was losing lol.
  11. He's not here to debate, he's here to spread misinformation and pass tabloid newspapers as gospel, then get angry that everybody is laughing at how underwhelming his "evidence" is and how hypocritical he's being, then play the victim card and whaltz back to la la land. They need to make the definition of evidence and what constitutes it standard curriculum in American high schools. That way, less posters will come in and embarass themselves. Sadly, they don't have the knowledge necessary to tell truth from fiction and they'll live their lives in this bubble of fiction and fake news. Biden has been in politics for over 40 years, his tax returns are all out, everything is plain to see. Trump fights to hide his taxes, the White House had to step in and say he was lying when he said he's releasing the Russian documents, had Trump University and his charity shut down due to fraud, most banks won't loan to him, retweets q-anon and other stupid conspiracies, and more. I just look at the above and think, why even bother with that kind of dishonesty? When you can block out all the Trump noise as "fake news" and then jump all over a tabloid piece with anonymous sources and they won't even allow other journalists to look at it...well what can you do against that. Just pat them on the head and say you go tiger.
  12. These guys are going to cling to anything. We shouldn't sit here and pretend that WHL Rocks was voting anything other than Trump. He's all in on a tabloid newspaper puff piece for no other reason than it agrees with his preconceived notions. I mean, Trump has decades of documented abuse and corruption. You'd have to be smoking something real funny to vote for Trump on an anticorruption basis lol.
  13. Yea I know, everyone is corrupt except who you don't think is corrupt. Flawless.