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  1. If that's the case, I can make an exception for them.
  2. No Canucks fan would ever cheer for a Canadian team after Canada dumped all over the Canucks in 2011. Go anybody else.
  3. Expected Mayweather vs Paul to be a waste of time and was still disappointed.
  4. Among other things, the 67-page bill: Limits early-voting hours Eliminates 24-hour voting centers, which are used by Houston to reduce lines Clamps down on absentee voting—which is already very limited—by imposing ID requirements Makes it harder for voters with disabilities to vote Prohibits ballot drop boxes Bans drive-through voting Ends straight-ticket voting, which speeds up the voting process and reduces lines Restricts Sunday voting to curtail "souls to the polls" used by Black churches Makes it a crime for elections official to send
  5. Maybe, maybe not. Brobovsky tanked after Clark left and Markstrom just had his worst year in a long time.
  6. I once tried to get a picture with Trevor Linden and he punched me in the face.
  7. On the plus side, this improves our chances of getting Connor Bedard.
  8. Lol this franchise is allergic to winning and success. Time and time again they let down the fanbase.
  9. Of the last few drafts, I think only Makar has earned the franchise dman tag. Hughes has a ways to go defensively before he's earned that title.
  10. Haven't watched a full game since the Canucks came back since the covid break. Interest has gone down to nearly none existent thanks to Benning and co. and the overall lack of expectation and hope I have in this administration.
  11. I'm sure these will just fly off the shelves.
  12. Ok, let's go with "Excellent bottom pairing defenseman" then. If that is too much, then "Above average/Solid bottom pairing defenseman". I can also go with "bottom pairing defenseman with sparkling defensive numbers who can slide into the top 4 when needed".
  13. Stecher was great in Vancouver so obviously the pro GM move is to get rid of the cheap, good defenseman. Guys like Yzerman know good talent.
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