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  1. The talent is overrated. Top liners are only 70 pt players even though they eat up 75% of the powerplay time.
  2. Looking like the same story as last year so far. Back to back losses to Detroit and Buffalo lmao. This is not a well constructed team.
  3. *Controversial opinion* One thing about Petey and why I'm ok with him getting a 3 year contract is that he hasn't gotten any better since his rookie year. We were hoping for a ppg+ superstar after that first year and it just hasn't happened yet. When you get crazy amount of ozone starts and 1:30+ pp time every powerplay, the team needs their top players to be ppg+. Otherwise, they should only play 1:10 of each pp and switch to the 2nd unit.
  4. Garland creates so much at even strength which was sorely needed last year. Greiss is in the zone right now, Canucks should be winning.
  5. Tanner Pearson is a 20% shootout player, dumb choice to select him. Miller was terrible as was the powerplay. Hogz and OEL looked great, Hughes played well I thought. Green can't be pissing away points making zero IQ decisions.
  6. Lower protection against catching the virus. Still provides protection beyond the 6 months at the same 90+% rate of preventing serious disease/hospitalization.
  7. If Lucid doesn't break 20 here and uses it as support I'll be loading up @NucksPatsFan
  8. Trade him for a ransom if the team isn't any good.
  9. Sounds like he's basically saying give me the bridge contract now and then he'll see in 3 years whether the team is worth sticking around for or not. I'd do the same thing in his situation. Management hasn't shown to be able to build a consistent winning team yet and if they still haven't 3 years from now, I'd bounce to another team.
  10. *Accept I've been following the Canucks and hockey for just as long, I'm not negative...just not overly positive unless I have a reason to be. The defense as it is looks bad, no need to get hurt by that. If they surprise, great. I want them to win and complaints are made when moves are made that reduce the likelihood of that happening. Me waiving pompoms isn't going to help their odds of winning at all.
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