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  1. Can't show up at 200 lbs and expect to beat a guy walking into the fight at 220. These lighter fighters get too cocky thinking that their punching power at their own weight will have even 75% of its effectiveness at a weight 30lbs higher. Not to mention the huge disadvantage on the ground.
  2. PP was good today because there was heavy movement. Petey needs to learn how to move around, especially when the puck is down low far side. When you stand stagnant in one spot and only shoot once after 3 fake shots, you slow the whole powerplay down and waste precious seconds.
  3. More the forward's fault but Myers couldn't have played that any worse if he tried.
  4. Don't know what to think of them after Xinnie the Pooh disappeared Jack Ma.
  5. For example, Cuomo is going to lose his position over the accusations most likely. Trump was unharmed, Kavanaugh as well. Now it is Madison Cawthorn's turn.
  6. Basically, Modi pushed through farmer's laws without consulting with farmers (and also not putting it through to a vote...instead doing a verbal count). Farmers are worried that the new laws remove the price protections they have from the government and opens farms up to big business. The big worry is that without rules, big farm is going to come in and be the primary buyer. They'll corner the market and then crash the prices (and, thus, the livelihood of farmers). They'll then come in and buy up all the struggling farms for pennies on the dollar. At least that's how I understand it.
  7. Rathbone looking like a stud so far in the A.
  8. The 4th line contracts will be gone in a year or two. Petersson, Horvat, Boeser and co. will be here for years. If they are going to be getting 4+ PP minutes per game and play 14+ minutes of ES TOI per game they need to be using this time to improve upon their ES play and not have a static bottom 3rd in the league powerplay or give up some of those minutes to the 2nd unit. They play less minutes than a lot of other star forwards. Virtanen and Gaudette are disappointing and will need to be moved on from. Cup teams are dominating 5-on-5. The Lotto line did that last year but have disappeared this year. Horvat has only shown to be effective at even strength in spurts. Our bottom six isn't the best but our top six is losing far far more games for the Canucks than the bottom six. That's ok though, Petey and Boeser are young and should get better as they age. Horvat is what he is and showed up big in the playoffs. Miller has been an enigma. Anyways I'm just rambling. Key points: -Fire Benning -Top six needs to be better defensively and on the powerplay -our defense is also bad -bottom six are overpaid but they aren't the ones bleeding goals against and aren't the ones running the bad powerplay
  9. Horvat has-been bad defensively outside of maybe 2 seasons of his career. He'll never be a shutdown type. Bottom six is severely overpaid but they aren't losing us games. Our top six and defense have been extremely porous defensively.
  10. I get this funny feeling you don't really like the SEC.
  11. Good, still have my core position from months ago. Never even heard of any of these companies.
  12. After 7 years of Benning, the Canucks are here in 2021 fighting for last place in the NHL lol. Embarassing display of ineptitude shown by our GM and the owners. Given that his first attempted move this past offseason is trying to bring OELs anchor of a contract into the mix he needs to be banned from ever being a GM in the NHL ever again permanently. He will destroy the Canucks cap structure again once his first round of terrible contracts expire. Zero foresight at all.
  13. https://financialpost.com/commodities/energy/more-than-just-a-cold-streak-canadian-gas-producers-ramp-up-shipments-as-deep-freeze-roils-u-s So I was looking for buying opportunities regarding the cold snap in the USA. Apparently, Canadian natural gas companies are selling at a huge mark-up to the States right now. Birchcliff is selling 4x higher than normal. Their stock price is current 3.31, up 55% from their low in January. Anybody see any other Natural gas companies that might be a good buy right now?
  14. That's what happens when your stock price is hinged to a single contract.
  15. Now I wished I had bought even more THCB, paper hands selling off for no reason. $14 to $19 in one day. Who looks at Microvast and thinks they need to sell this at sub $20??? Over $22 now. Sweet news out, Microvast is partnered with Oshkosh: U.S. Postal Service Awards Contract to Launch Multi-Billion-Dollar Modernization of Postal Delivery Vehicle Fleet - Oshkosh Defense Will Finalize Design of Next Generation Delivery Vehicle (NGDV), Delivering Up to 165,000 of the U.S.-Built Vehicles Over the Next Decade