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  1. Gudbranson as one of the +/- leaders on the Pens, in the playoffs....

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    2. Ghostsof1915


      Pittsburgh has some good pieces moving forward. 

      Only problem is they have a lot of money tied up in a defence that is all over the place. 


    3. CanuckinEdm


      I think hes a playoff guy I remember before we traded for him he was a beast in the playoffs for Florida that season. 

    4. D-Money


      I watched the first half of game 4. Guddy was the goat in a huge way on the 2nd (winning) goal. I mean, the LD was already on the left side, but he chased Bailey all the way to the left corner to lay a hit, leaving Nelson wide open for a tap-in right where EG should have been.


      It was absolutely brainless.

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