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  1. Any cubers on these forums?

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    2. Aladeen


      @Drive-By Body Pierce my favourite method is to remove the stickers and stick them back on the cube in the right colour combination. If you ignore all the stickers being put back on crooked I can finish the cube in about 10 minutes.

    3. Drive-By Body Pierce

      Drive-By Body Pierce

      @Aladeen You are definitely not the first one to choose this method.


      I don't have stickers, so I need to use other methods.




    4. Rubik


      @Drive-By Body Pierce i used this site when i learnt how to solve the 3x3 cube, my average time was around 30 seconds with it, even though i only knew 6 algorithms out of the 57 for the OLL (yellow side). His tutorial videos for the white cross and F2L are pretty amazing as well; he shows you the more advanced techniques. This is the site I recommend to everybody. have fun)



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