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  1. I work on the reserve, i dont pay taxes, how the hell am i being oppressed
  2. im a registered indian, the indians want the project its just some hereditary chief just flexing his muscle followed by a bunch of hippies and people with no jobs
  3. as a registered indian the hereditary chiefs need to stfu
  4. 1 alex trebeck 2 roberta mccain 3 kirk douglas 4 prince phillip 5 jimmy carter 6 hulk hogan 7 betty white 8 bob barker 9 mick jager 10 jerry stiller 11 mel brooks 12 jake the snake roberts 13 queen elizabeth 14 robert duval 15 bob newhart 16 tommy chong 17 bill cosby 18 wilfred brimly 19 oliva newton john 20 charlie sheen
  5. gonna be a lot of unhappy people here when scheer wins
  6. i got basic cable, does this mean its all on sportsnet pacific ?
  7. lol why would any one move to Lillooet (im from Lillooet)
  8. well its 40 below and I dont give a !@$% im off to the rodeo...........................
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