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  1. There's like 75k calls at that price!?!? Some coke dealer must've went nuts or something.
  2. I think I'm gonna go SURF'in again. They've done me well in the past, and it looks like a good entry point.
  3. Apparently these AMC people hit the "reset"
  4. I wonder if there will be more mass sell offs once the fed reinforces the supplemental leverage ratio April 1st. Are more margin calls to be expected?
  5. Sideways?!?! I'd give my left nut to only be trending sideways!
  6. Not too shabby thus far. Missing Toews, Dach, Nylander, Shaw, and now Strome. Lost Murphy and Boqvist for weeks, and came into the season with a carousel Colin Delia. Malcolm Subban, and Kevin Lankinen in the net. Never suspected them to be 3rd in their division.
  7. Unfortunately, it was inevitable. Anyone who has watched Seabs play the last two seasons could see this day coming rapidly. The mobility was completely gone. 3 time Stanley Cup champion and a gold medal winner in 2010. He always played the hardest minutes; penalty kill, defensive zone draws, other team's top lines, Seabrook got all those assignments. Took hits, threw hits, blocked shots, and he was just a solid stay-at-home defenseman. He even chipped in a clutch goal every now and again. And he played the game the right way. Seabrook was also a great teammate. He wo
  8. I remember selling CleanSpark months ago for $41. Didn't realize it had fallen that low now.
  9. Yes, yes it is safe to assume this. In fact, why don't you just bend over now and take it in the a** to the tune of 5k Should have sold all my PLUG @ $72 instead of just 30%
  10. Is it safe to assume that GME, AMC, etc... is gonna wreak havoc on the rest of the market?
  11. Somebody could have at least yelled "TIMBER!" and given the rest of us a little notice. Sweet Jesus what a rough start to the week.
  12. *Was* green. Apparently red is the new green lately. FML! Yowza, it just keeps going lower. Any explanation to this? Somebody about to get squeezed and they're liquidating everything else or something. Quite a sell off going on across the board.
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