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  1. I must say, I wish I was back in Spain and Italy just to live up the Euro 2012 experience and the girls ;)

    1. Scottish⑦Canuck


      Germany has a team and girls just as good. PLUS beer.

    2. c00kies


      ^ This is true :)

    3. 22Sedinery33


      I been to Germany as well, but the girls in Spain and Italy are far superior. I will give Germany the beer part though ;)

  2. I have counted sheep, watched a boring movie, stared at my walls and ceiling for an atleast an hour and I still can't sleep. WTF!

    1. c00kies


      ^Hopefully he doesn't have ceiling fans ;)

    2. Heretic


      Don't drink RockStar at 8 PM. :)

    3. goalie13


      Try listening to Bob McCown / Prime Time Sports in bed. Puts me to sleep every time.

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  3. 2 papers to do and haven't even started, got 1 day to do them both. Challenge accepted!

    1. stonecoldstevebernier


      I know that feeling - just don't sleep and use all the creative-sounding words you know and you'll be fine!

    2. DollarAndADream


      That's how work should be done! Wait until the last minute!

    3. Chip Kelly

      Chip Kelly

      What about late penalties?

  4. You don't need to buy gifts to show how much you love your mother.

    1. Tigs


      But it most certainly helps.

  5. So just came back from a mini vacation and were down 3-0 to the Kings. What the hell has been going on?...

  6. Sidney Crosby and Marcel Dionne or Alexander Ovechkin and Phil Esposito, pretending they could play together. Who would you choose to be on your team?

    1. The Horvatian One

      The Horvatian One

      Crosby and Dionne - unstoppable.

    2. canuck2xtreme


      Crosby Dionne for sure. OV and Espo would be too busy trying to decide who's ego is bigger

  7. Crosby and Fleury or Malkin and Letang?

    1. Slender Man

      Slender Man

      Crosby forever and always <3

    2. Phil_314
    3. canuck2xtreme


      tough call but I gotta go with Crosby-Fleury

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  8. So asked my friend this question, wondering your thoughts. If you had to a pick a duo for the Canucks to keep who it would be for the rest of their careers aside from the Sedins? My picks would be Kesler and Hamhuis.

    1. Caboose


      Not Luongo.

    2. Xbox


      Edler and Kesler

    3. NikiShiz


      Kesler and Edler! Seems to be the popular choice as well!

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  9. Just got 4 tickets for the game on March 30th against Dallas :D

    1. Spindrive2


      damn canucks are going to lose 0-1-1 vs Dallas :o

    2. Xbox


      i like to think of it 4-1-1 if you add in last year

    3. CanucksBen


      do a fiddler face cut out and put it right behind AV. lets see how long he lasts

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  10. Go Canucks Go! Going to be a good game, good luck Cody.

  11. Fact: At the end of WWII, Germany had more planes in the end of the war then from the start.

  12. Fact: At the end of WWII, Germany had more planes in the end of the war then from the start.

  13. Go Canucks Go! Lets win this one boys.

  14. Fact: The weight of all the insects in the world is twelve times greater then all of the weight of humanity.

    1. Shift-4


      Sometimes these facts really bug me.

  15. Fact: The average woman consumes 6 Lbs of lipstick in her lifetime.

    1. c00kies


      What about men? ;)

  16. Fact: One-Fourth Of The World's Population Lives On Less Than $200 A Year. Ninety Million People Survive On Less Than $75 A Year.

  17. All Of The Stars Comprising The Milky Way Galaxy Revolve Around The Center Of The Galaxy Once Every 200 Million Years Or So

    1. Scottish⑦Canuck


      You forgot the "Fun Fact:" part.

    2. The Brahma Bull

      The Brahma Bull

      Did you know? The centre of the galaxy is also known as Toronto.

    3. 22Sedinery33


      Bill Nye the Science Guy! Bill! Bill! Bill!

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  18. All Of The Stars Comprising The Milky Way Galaxy Revolve Around The Center Of The Galaxy Once Every 200 Million Years Or So

  19. Every second, Americans collectively eat one hundred pounds of chocolate.

    1. 22Sedinery33


      Very, explains their obesity problem to lol...

    2. Luongo


      That's 27,272 insect fragments on average, and 100 pieces of rodent hairs. Yum.

    3. Tigs


      Well played. ^

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  20. Orcas (killer whales) kill sharks by torpedoing up into to shark's stomach from underneath, causing the shark to explode.

  21. Did you know that every year more then 10 people die from vending machines?

    1. Scheiderfanforlife


      Guess 10 ppl a year take geting that chocolate bar a little to seriously.

    2. 22Sedinery33
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